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See what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.

  1. koic / party-mail

    Mail text generator for alcoholic party

    E • Built by @koic @kdmsnr @ursm @hibariya @kunitoo

  2. holycrap872 / til

    Today I Learned

    E • Built by @holycrap872

  3. MagerValp / ArcadeGameSelector

    Amiga game menu

    E • Built by @MagerValp

  4. JoeRiel / knoweb

    Enhancement of noweb.sty, a LaTeX style package for formatting noweb source

    E • Built by @JoeRiel

  5. punzik / worktimer

    Work time tracker

    E • Built by @punzik @gitter-badger

  6. shihyu / MyTool

    E • Built by @jasonblog

  7. Jonathan50 / scheme-hashtable

    An implementation of a hash table written in portable Scheme

    E • Built by @Jonathan50

  8. viakondratiuk / learning

    Used for learning purpose

    E • Built by @viakondratiuk

  9. pannous / english-script-samples

    English script samples for the angle programming language

    E • Built by @pannous

  10. sibirbil / HesKit

    Hesaplamalı Bilim Kitabı

    E • Built by @mkozturk

  11. amiq-consulting / amiq_i2c

    Verification Component for I2C protocol

    E • Built by @amiq-consulting

  12. cxii-dev / script.tvshowtime-dev

    Kodi DEV add-on for TVShow Time

    E • Built by @cxii-dev

  13. gzc9047 / cpp_non_virtual_mock

    Prototype for mock cpp non virtual function.

    E • Built by @gzc9047

  14. xecronix / EU_DLLs_complete_guide

    A guide and sample project for wrapping DLLs in Euphoria

    E • Built by @xecronix

  15. chamelaeon / Dicebot

    Java IRC Dicebot.

    E • Built by @chamelaeon

  16. mbaluda / Efficient-Sequence-Alignment

    efEficient (C++ STL) implementation of a number of dynamic-programming algorithms for sequence alignment.

    E •

  17. brendanahart / PitchBox

    PitchBox is a melodic pitch guessing game written in an assembly programming language designed to run on an E100 processor that is integrated into an FPGA Board

    E • Built by @brendanahart

  18. sebastiandziadzio / homomorphic-estimation

    Estimation of the variable map of noise out of SENSE magnetic resonance data using a homomorphic approach.

    E • Built by @sebastiandziadzio

  19. fredophil / jenkins_vm_example

    E • Built by @fredophil

  20. nuwand989 / nuwanw

    E • Built by @nuwand989

  21. nalexander50 / Computer_Science

    A repository to store all programs from Computer Science courses at Marshall University

    E • Built by @nalexander50

  22. LeastAuthority / Open-Technology-Fund-Magic-Folders-Project

    E • Built by @zooko @zookoatleastauthoritycom

  23. Agirish / drill-maprdb-tests

    Basic examples for OJAI & Mapr DB

    E • Built by @Agirish @tgrall @mutton4

  24. jamiepg1 / fp-license-server

    • Built by @alungboy

  25. HimeWorks / RM_RubyParser

    An RPG Maker compatible version of whitequark's parser gem

    E • Built by @HimeWorks

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