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  1. MakeNowJust / quine

    Quine Museum

    Eiffel • Built by @MakeNowJust

  2. EiffelWebFramework / EWF

    Eiffel Web Framework -- Provide a common framework to build easily web server application in Eiffel (portable on various connector and platforms)

    Eiffel • Built by @jocelyn @jvelilla @ynh @colin-adams @oligot

  3. eiffelhub / json

    Eiffel JSON library

    Eiffel • Built by @jvelilla @jocelyn @ynh @oligot @berenddeboer

  4. oligot / epm

    Eiffel Package Manager based on npm

    Eiffel • Built by @oligot

  5. jvelilla / EiffelWebNino

    HTTPD server in Eiffel

    Eiffel • Built by @jocelyn @jvelilla @oligot

  6. jocelyn / eel

    An encryption library in Eiffel

    Eiffel • Built by @clemahieu

  7. seventh / codemetre

    codemetre is able to produce source line count and comment line count for languages such as Ada95, C++, or Eiffel. It also proposes different models to measure effort between two versions of a file.

    Eiffel • Built by @seventh

  8. jvelilla / HAL

    A lean hypermedia type for RESTful APIs in Eiffel

    Eiffel • Built by @jvelilla @jocelyn

  9. nmaguirre / eiffel-2048

    Eiffel • Built by @nico88 @jheredia @jpadula @facumolina @bisoardi

  10. jvelilla / RosettaCode

    Examples in Eiffel

    Eiffel • Built by @jvelilla @Conaclos @jocelyn

  11. berenddeboer / eposix

    Eiffel POSIX binding

    Eiffel • Built by @berenddeboer

  12. safe-eiffel / ecli

    Eiffel Call Level Interface - ODBC wrapper library

    Eiffel • Built by @pgcrism @oligot

  13. jocelyn / bricabrac

    Eiffel XMPP, Eiffel Twitter, and a bunch of Eiffel classes, Eiffel libraries, and tools.

    Eiffel • Built by @jocelyn

  14. tioui / eiffel_game_lib

    A Game library for ISE Eiffel

    Eiffel • Built by @tioui @marchalo

  15. jocelyn / EWF

    Eiffel • Built by @jocelyn @jvelilla @ynh @colin-adams @oligot

  16. safe-eiffel / lib

    Software Application Foundations in Eiffel - the libraries

    Eiffel • Built by @pgcrism @oligot

  17. ImageGuidedTherapyLab / vasculature_july10

    RF thermal therapy vasculature study

    Eiffel • Built by @fuentesdt

  18. EiffelWebFramework / swagger

    Eiffel library for Swagger

    Eiffel • Built by @oligot

  19. EiffelSoftware / EiffelStudio

    Mirror of

    Eiffel • Built by @jocelyn

  20. scottgw / language-eiffel

    Eiffel • Built by @scottgw @nadia-polikarpova

  21. neallester / msp-goanna

    The MySafetyProgram fork of Goanna - For Transition To EiffelWebReloaded

    Eiffel • Built by @neallester

  22. openEHR / adl-tools

    openEHR ADL Workbench tool

    Eiffel • Built by @wolandscat

  23. hirunatan / mine-eiffel

    A narrative MUD server, written in Eiffel language

    Eiffel • Built by @hirunatan

  24. jocelyn-old / EiffelWebReloaded

    New Eiffel Web Solution draft

    Eiffel • Built by @jocelyn @jvelilla

  25. dhda / Engin100-Team-Ah-Maze-Ing

    The Engineering 100 Team Ah-Maze-Ing Project.

    Eiffel • Built by @dhda @djlaczyn


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