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  1. Qian is an hackable micro "File explorer" for OSX, written in Elm and Electron

    Elm 95 5 Built by @xvw @radmen @julien-leclercq 89 stars this month
  2. Elm's core libraries

    Elm 1,479 280 Built by @evancz @jvoigtlaender @rtfeldman @laszlopandy @deadfoxygrandpa 64 stars this month
  3. Create styles that don't mysteriously break!

    Elm 280 35 Built by @mdgriffith @BrianHicks @lynn @opsb 42 stars this month
  4. An introductory Elm workshop. Video available on Frontend Masters!

    Elm 343 124 Built by @rtfeldman @nelsonic @katbow @nicolaiskogheim @noahzgordon 28 stars this month
  5. Tiny lessons gradually teaching Elm

    Elm 46 1 Built by @ohanhi @daniellandau 27 stars this month
  6. Write Elixir code using Elm-like syntax (elm-make compatible)

    Elm 308 9 Built by @wende @Baransu @justgage @kevgathuku @gitter-badger 21 stars this month
  7. Server and client code for the Elm website.

    Elm 1,404 346 Built by @evancz @jvoigtlaender @thSoft @tomberek @michaelbjames 19 stars this month
  8. Type-checked CSS in Elm.

    Elm 729 123 Built by @rtfeldman @eeue56 @tolgap @bobwhitelock @lukewestby 18 stars this month
  9. Direct Manipulation Programming for SVG

    Elm 337 25 Built by @ravichugh @brianhempel @jlubi333 @mhspradlin @gracelu 14 stars this month
  10. 🌲 A list of companies using Elm in production.

    Elm 74 27 Built by @lpil @AdrianRibao @alexmunda @Augustin82 @listrophy 9 stars this month
  11. Use HTML in Elm!

    Elm 230 53 Built by @evancz @rehno-lindeque @rtfeldman @salutis @shaydon 5 stars this month
  12. Elm 28 9 Built by @PedroHLC @kress95 @renatomassaro @themaxhero 5 stars this month
  13. 2D/3D geometry package for Elm

    Elm 34 6 Built by @ianmackenzie @mpizenberg @folkertdev @danfishgold 5 stars this month
  14. β - A slippy map library written in pure Elm - β

    Elm 27 3 Built by @klaftertief @adeschamps 5 stars this month
  15. A Single Page Application written in Elm

    Elm 1,302 141 Built by @rtfeldman @EricSimons @mrvicadai @mandrolic @jasondew
  16. Experimental: mobile apps in Elm using React Native.

    Elm 1,287 71 Built by @ohanhi @iancanderson @jsteiner @paulyoung @joe-loco
  17. The TodoMVC app written in Elm, nice example for beginners.

    Elm 875 258 Built by @evancz @rtfeldman @srid @benfjohnson @fredcy
  18. Elm-port of the Material Design Lite CSS/JS library

    Elm 831 125 Built by @debois @vipentti @hakonrossebo @aforemny @OvermindDL1
  19. An overview of Elm syntax and features

    Elm 691 36 Built by @izdi @adius @eskimoblood @ianunay @frankschmitt
  20. UI library for making web applications with Elm

    Elm 642 28 Built by @gdotdesign @eimfach @Janiczek @akovari @michie1
  21. Write React components in Elm

    Elm 566 40 Built by @evancz @rtfeldman @MoeSattler @ryanmtaylor
  22. Library for plotting in SVG.

    Elm 449 43 Built by @terezka @nikgraf @busypeoples @mathiasbaert @lorenzo
  23. DEPRECATED. Moved to elm-lang/html

    Elm 408 83 Built by @shiftkey @echatav @gcapizzi @jessitron @inchingforward
  24. An example Elm single page application

    Elm 356 61 Built by @sporto @bowsersenior @romanzolotarev
  25. A guide to building web applications using Elm

    Elm 354 117 Built by @sporto @vjousse @remigil @pel-daniel @Augustin82
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