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  1. processone / ejabberd

    Robust, ubiquitous and massively scalable Jabber / XMPP Instant Messaging platform

    Erlang • 16 stars this week • Built by @badlop @alexeyshch @zinid @mremond @weiss

  2. rabbitmq / rabbitmq-server

    RabbitMQ Server

    Erlang • 12 stars this week • Built by @simonmacmullen @rade @emile @hyperthunk @bitonic

  3. erlang / otp


    Erlang • 11 stars this week • Built by @bjorng @IngelaAndin @psyeugenic @garazdawi @bmk

  4. karlll / kjell

    Erlang Shell

    Erlang • 9 stars this week • Built by @karlll @dylanmackenzie @DeadZen @systra @dfedyaschin

  5. emqtt / emqttd

    Erlang MQTT Broker

    Erlang • 6 stars this week • Built by @erylee @hejin1026 @kimiscircle

  6. knutin / elli

    Simple, robust and performant Erlang web server

    Erlang • 5 stars this week • Built by @knutin @anha0825 @mmzeeman @chrisavl @hukl

  7. rabbitmq / rabbitmq-erlang-client

    RabbitMQ Erlang AMQP client

    Erlang • Built by @simonmacmullen @0x6e6562 @rade @emile @michaelklishin

  8. FlowForwarding / of_protocol

    OpenFlow Protocol Library for Erlang

    Erlang • Built by @rpt @konradkaplita @mentels @legoscia @ruanpienaar

  9. synrc / mad

    Small and Fast Rebar Replacement

    Erlang • Built by @5HT @s1n4 @rgrinberg @artemeff @cystbear

  10. duomark / epocxy

    Erlang Patterns of Concurrency

    Erlang • Built by @jaynel @georgeye

  11. comtihon / bson-erlang

    BSON documents in Erlang, see

    Erlang • Built by @kivikakk @christkv @avkhozov @andrakis @superbobry

  12. yrashk / rebar_elixir_plugin

    Elixir Plugin for Rebar

    Erlang • Built by @yrashk @josevalim @khia @evanmiller @qhool

  13. zkessin / testing-erlang-book

    A public book on testing Erlang

    Erlang • Built by @zkessin @kiela @jwarwick @stevenproctor @jrgarcia

  14. uwiger / gproc

    Extended process registry for Erlang

    Erlang • Built by @uwiger @norton @sg2342 @bosky101 @dLuna

  15. ninenines / cowboy

    Small, fast, modular HTTP server written in Erlang.

    Erlang • Built by @essen @asabil @nox @acammack @bfrog

  16. ChicagoBoss / ChicagoBoss

    Erlang web MVC, now featuring Comet

    Erlang • Built by @evanmiller @zkessin @choptastic @danikp @mihawk

  17. mochi / mochiweb

    MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.

    Erlang • Built by @etrepum @mdempsky @doubleyou @lhft @fdmanana

  18. discoproject / disco

    a Map/Reduce framework for distributed computing

    Erlang • Built by @jflatow @pmundkur @pooya @patrikpettersson @kostis

  19. basho / webmachine

    A REST-based system for building web applications.

    Erlang • Built by @invalid-email-address @beerriot @kellymclaughlin @vinoski @jaredmorrow

  20. basho / rebar

    ATTENTION: Please find the canonical repository here:

    Erlang • Built by @tuncer @dizzyd @Vagabond @hyperthunk @alexeyr

  21. 5HT / n2o

    WebSocket Application Server

    Erlang • Built by @5HT @doxtop @m-2k @rilian @antonlogvinenko

  22. klacke / yaws

    Yaws webserver

    Erlang • Built by @klacke @vinoski @capflam @carsten3347 @tuncer

  23. nitrogen / nitrogen

    Nitrogen Web Framework for Erlang (now with websockets!)

    Erlang • Built by @rustyio @choptastic @mmullis @JonGretar @zussitarze

  24. tarcieri / reia

    Ruby-like hybrid OOP/functional programming language for BEAM, the Erlang VM

    Erlang • Built by @pirj @practicingruby @babo @tarcieri @foobarto

  25. rvirding / lfe

    Lisp Flavoured Erlang (LFE)

    Erlang • Built by @rvirding @oubiwann @mankyKitty @tuncer @purcell


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