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  1. JohnEarnest / Mako

    A simple virtual game console

    Forth • Built by @JohnEarnest @rmmh @zacbrown @adhithyan15 @cpressey

  2. jamesbowman / swapforth

    Swapforth is a cross-platform 32-bit ANS Forth

    Forth • Built by @jamesbowman @combinatorylogic

  3. larsbrinkhoff / lbForth

    Metacompiled Forth, bootstrapping from a few lines of C.

    Forth • Built by @larsbrinkhoff @johanlindberg

  4. nimblemachines / muforth

    A simple, indirect-threaded Forth, written in C; for target compiling; runs on Linux, BSD, OSX, and Cygwin

    Forth • Built by @nimblemachines @rthelen @dgs @larsbrinkhoff

  5. jkotlinski / durexforth

    Modern C64 Forth

    Forth • Built by @jkotlinski

  6. jamesbowman / j1

    The J1 CPU

    Forth • Built by @jamesbowman @stacksmith

  7. forthy42 / gforth

    Gforth mirror on GitHub (original is on Savannah)

    Forth • Built by @forthy42 @earl @dvdkhlng

  8. davazp / eulex

    A straightforward standalone Forth implementation for x86.

    Forth • Built by @davazp

  9. schmx / jackit-forth

    gforth bindings for libjack

    Forth • Built by @schmx

  10. benhoyt / third

    Third, a small Forth compiler for 8086 DOS

    Forth • Built by @benhoyt @orthographic-pedant

  11. earl / gforth-mirror

    An automated mirror of Gforth's Git repository on Savannah ( Updates hourly.

    Forth • Built by @forthy42 @earl @dvdkhlng

  12. 16Bitt / Forth86

    A minimal Forth booter disk environment

    Forth • Built by @16Bitt

  13. phreda4 / reda4

    Programming Language

    Forth • Built by @phreda4

  14. JorthVM / JorthVM

    a Java VM implemented in Forth

    Forth • Built by @zapster @lewurm

  15. narke / colorForth

    Native colorForth compilable on Linux and runnable on Bochs

    Forth • Built by @narke @larsbrinkhoff

  16. chitselb / pettil

    6502 Forth for the Commodore PET 2001

    Forth • Built by @chitselb

  17. august0815 / forthos

    x386 OS developed in Forth

    Forth • Built by @august0815 @jdinuncio

  18. DenisKnauf / presentation.fs

    Presentations-software in Forth

    Forth • Built by @DenisKnauf @haraldsteinlechner

  19. lukego / fwd

    Forth bits-and-pieces (for World Domination)

    Forth •

  20. schmx / sdl-forth

    SDL bindings for gforth

    Forth • Built by @schmx

  21. samueltardieu / picforth

    Forth compiler for Microchip PIC16Fxxx microcontrollers

    Forth • Built by @samueltardieu

  22. lnmaurer / amforth-float

    Floating-point wordset for amforth

    Forth • Built by @lnmaurer @larsbrinkhoff

  23. CharleyShattuck / myforth-arduino

    A simple, non-standard, tethered Forth for the Arduino; including a steno keyboard application.

    Forth • Built by @CharleyShattuck

  24. liruoko / forth-exercises

    Forth •

  25. ForthHub / cmFORTH

    Copy of cmFORTH

    Forth • Built by @larsbrinkhoff


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