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  1. 1

    xianyi/OpenBLAS FORTRAN

    OpenBLAS is an optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD version.

  2. 2

    git/hello-world FORTRAN

    Hello world in every programming language

  3. 3

    daoudclarke/wartonlegacy FORTRAN

    Algorithms for factorisation of large numbers in Fortran and UBASIC

  4. 4

    fommil/netlib-java FORTRAN

    Mission-critical components for linear algebra systems, with Fortran performance.

  5. 5

    jerryd/gtk-fortran FORTRAN

    Fortran 95 GTK+ Interface Modules

  6. 6
  7. 7

    clawpack/pyclaw FORTRAN

    PyClaw is a Python-based interface to the algorithms of Clawpack and SharpClaw. It also contains the PetClaw package, which adds parallelism through PETSc.

  8. 8

    mit-crpg/openmc FORTRAN

    OpenMC Monte Carlo Code

  9. 9

    astrofrog/fortranlib FORTRAN

    Collection of personal scientific routines in Fortran

  10. 10

    chengchangwu/jonesforth FORTRAN

    My ANS FORTH consistent version of jonesforth

  11. 11

    certik/fortran-utils FORTRAN

    Various utilities for Fortran programs

  12. 12

    jakevdp/pypropack FORTRAN

    A python wrapper for the PROPACK library

  13. 13

    exciting/exciting FORTRAN

    The EXCiT!NG code is a powerful open-source DFT package targeted to scientific developers and users that need a modern and adaptable platform for their research

  14. 14

    avventi/Slycot FORTRAN

    Python wrapper for selected SLICOT routines, notably including solvers for Riccati, Lyapunov and Sylvester equations.

  15. 16

    phf/forth FORTRAN

    Porting Richard Jones' FORTH to ARM

  16. 17

    josephalevin/fson FORTRAN

    Fortran 95 JSON Parser

  17. 18

    PyAOS/aoslib FORTRAN

    A collection of standard atmospheric and oceanic sciences routines.

  18. 19

    dwf/glmnet-python FORTRAN

    Wrappers of Jerome Friedman's coordinate-descent Fortran implementation of lasso/elastic net regression from the R "glmnet" package.

  19. 20

    Unidata/netcdf-fortran FORTRAN

    Official GitHub repository for netCDF-Fortran libraries, which depend on the netCDF C library. Install the netCDF C library first.

  20. 21

    andreww/fox FORTRAN

    A Fortran XML library

  21. 22

    scottransom/pyslalib FORTRAN

    f2py and numpy wrappers of the fortran version of the astro library SLALIB

  22. 23

    davidrpugh/pyeconomics FORTRAN

    Computational economics in Python

  23. 24

    mtrenti/NBODY6 FORTRAN

    Sverre Aarseth's Direct N-body code project

  24. 25

    alopez/dreamt FORTRAN

    A series of challenge problems for students learning about machine translation


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