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  1. Frege is a Haskell for the JVM. It brings purely functional programing to the Java platform.

    Frege 2,953 127 Built by @Ingo60 @Dierk @jsoref @YoEight @mmhelloworld
  2. A library for using the Frege programming language in Android development.

    Frege 85 3 Built by @mchav
  3. Frege REPL

    Frege 66 15 Built by @mmhelloworld @mperry @Dierk @bryant1410
  4. Examples of the book "Real World Haskell" in the Frege programming language

    Frege 63 5 Built by @Dierk @netzwerg @yellowsnow
  5. Frege Translation of "Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!."

    Frege 48 Built by @y-taka-23
  6. Frege language binding and utilities to create JavaFX user interfaces

    Frege 30 6 Built by @Dierk @Ingo60 @ToddCostella
  7. Tiny Frege web framework developed on top of

    Frege 26 3 Built by @mariogarcia @timp21337 @Dierk
  8. GUI for the frege repl

    Frege 21 6 Built by @Dierk @rahulsom @Ingo60 @netzwerg
  9. A simple Play application with Frege

    Frege 17 Built by @mmhelloworld
  10. Frege code generator for Java classes

    Frege 17 8 Built by @mmhelloworld @mperry @Dierk @ForNeVeR
  11. Frege interface to Android

    Frege 15 1 Built by @trilogysci
  12. Frege + database = :-)

    Frege 15 4 Built by @mariogarcia @Dierk @rayokota
  13. Frege REPL + editor on Android

    Frege 14 1 Built by @mchav
  14. Frege support for IntelliJ IDEA

    Frege 12 2 Built by @carymrobbins
  15. Frege Interpreter

    Frege 12 3 Built by @mmhelloworld @mperry @Ingo60
  16. A Frege port of the GeoQuiz application from the Android BigNerd Ranch Book.

    Frege 9 Built by @mchav
  17. Frege Testing

    Frege 8 6 Built by @talios @davidmoten @epost
  18. Code examples for the frege tutorial

    Frege 7 1 Built by @Dierk
  19. Try Apache Spark with Frege

    Frege 5 1 Built by @sw1sh
  20. Frege online REPL

    Frege 5 2 Built by @mmhelloworld @Ingo60
  21. A basic web framework for Frege on top of servlet

    Frege 5 1 Built by @mmhelloworld @vitalijzad
  22. A Simple Todo Manager with REST API, Written in Frege.

    Frege 5 1 Built by @y-taka-23
  23. A 2048 game clone in Frege.

    Frege 4 Built by @tfausak
  24. A simple piano in Frege using Java Midi.

    Frege 4 Built by @mchav
  25. A ray tracer in Frege.

    Frege 4 1 Built by @mchav
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