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  1. fsharp / fsharp

    The Open Edition of the F# compiler, core library and tools

    F# • Built by @dsyme @latkin @funnelweb @fsgit @KevinRansom

  2. Microsoft / visualfsharp

    The Visual F# compiler and tools

    F# • Built by @latkin @KevinRansom @dsyme @forki @PatrickMcDonald

  3. fsharp / FAKE

    FAKE - F# Make

    F# • Built by @forki @colinbull @MorganPersson @brianary @ctaggart

  4. fsprojects / FSharpx.Extras

    Functional programming and other utilities from the original "fsharpx" project

    F# • Built by @forki @mausch @panesofglass @jackfoxy @dsyme

  5. ChrisMarinos / FSharpKoans

    A simple, fun, and interactive way to learn the F# language through testing.

    F# • Built by @ChrisMarinos @nataren @panesofglass @abedra @harold

  6. ZachBray / FunScript

    F# to JavaScript compiler with JQuery etc. mappings through a TypeScript type provider

    F# • Built by @ZachBray @alfonsogarciacaro @tpetricek @ca-ta @TalBeno

  7. fsprojects / Paket

    A package dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and GitHub repositories.

    F# • Built by @forki @theimowski @pblasucci @Vidarls @mexx

  8. SuaveIO / suave

    Suave is a simple web development F# library providing a lightweight web server and a set of combinators to manipulate route flow and task composition.

    F# • Built by @ademar @haf @varon @forki @jamesjrg

  9. AshleyF / VimSpeak

    Speak to your editor.

    F# • Built by @roryokane @AshleyF

  10. fsprojects / ProjectScaffold

    A prototypical .NET solution (file system layout and tooling), recommended by the F# Foundation.

    F# • Built by @pblasucci @forki @Vidarls @tpetricek @fsgit

  11. BlueMountainCapital / Deedle

    Easy to use .NET library for data and time series manipulation and for scientific programming

    F# • Built by @tpetricek @adamklein @hmansell @forki @buybackoff

  12. fsprojects / VisualFSharpPowerTools

    Power commands for F# in Visual Studio

    F# • Built by @vasily-kirichenko @dungpa @OkayX6 @forki @v2m

  13. fscheck / FsCheck

    Random Testing for .NET

    F# • Built by @kurtschelfthout @mausch @forki @ploeh @Andrea

  14. lefthandedgoat / canopy

    f# web automation and testing framework

    F# • Built by @lefthandedgoat @sergey-tihon @KevM @amirrajan @charlesj

  15. tpetricek / FSharp.Formatting

    F# tools for generating documentation (Markdown processor and F# code formatter)

    F# • Built by @tpetricek @matthid @forki @ovatsus @dungpa

  16. nessos / LinqOptimizer

    An automatic query optimizer-compiler for Sequential and Parallel LINQ.

    F# • Built by @krontogiannis @palladin @eiriktsarpalis @biboudis

  17. intellifactory / websharper

    WebSharper - the F#-to-JavaScript framework

    F# • Built by @t0yv0 @Tarmil @Jand42 @invalid-email-address @sandorr

  18. Hopac / Hopac

    F# • Built by @VesaKarvonen @vasily-kirichenko @haf @t0yv0 @colinbull

  19. fsprojects / FsUnit

    FsUnit makes unit-testing with F# more enjoyable. It adds a special syntax to your favorite .NET testing framework.

    F# • Built by @dmohl @sergey-tihon @rodrigovidal @rneatherway @JanBessai

  20. nessos / Streams

    A lightweight F#/C# library for efficient functional-style pipelines on streams of data.

    F# • Built by @palladin @krontogiannis @anirothan @dsyme @eiriktsarpalis

  21. nessos / FsPickler

    A fast serializer for .NET objects

    F# • Built by @eiriktsarpalis @t0yv0 @varon @haf @jskripsky

  22. freya-fs / freya

    Functional-first web stack, including an HTTP finite state machine, built on top of OWIN

    F# • Built by @kolektiv @panesofglass @khellang @endeavour @mexx

  23. dungpa / fsharp-cheatsheet

    A typesetted F# Cheatsheet in PDF and HTML formats using F# literate tools

    F# • Built by @dungpa @ronnieholm @bartelink

  24. sergey-tihon / Stanford.NLP.NET

    Stanford NLP for .NET

    F# • Built by @pblasucci @sergey-tihon @tpetricek @forki @ovatsus

  25. BlueMountainCapital / FSharpRProvider

    An F# Type Provider to interop with R

    F# • Built by @tpetricek @hmansell @dcharbon @jmp75 @mathias-brandewinder


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