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  1. Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy Model of the Economics of Global Warming

    GAMS 10 4 Built by @psztorc @jaysonvirissimo
  2. vectorised Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch

    GAMS 4 8 Built by @drphilbishop @BrianBull @djhume
  3. A stub repository for GAMS-based models with associated tools.

    GAMS 3 1 Built by @gidden @danielhuppmann
  4. GAMS 2 2 Built by @kxzheng @ashiklom @parevalo @tonygardella @swworley
  5. Python utilities for the Neos optimization server

    GAMS 2 1 Built by @phantomas1234
  6. stELMOD is a stochastic optimization model to analyze the impact of uncertain wind generation on the dayahead and intraday electricity markets as well as network congestion management. The consecutive clearing of the electricity markets is incorporated by a rolling planning procedure resembling the market process of most European markets.

    GAMS 2 2 Built by @frkunz
  7. GAMS 1 Built by @ninozul
  8. GAMS 1 Built by @jesseholzerpnnl
  9. optimization models for electricity markets

    GAMS 1 Built by @tommytommytommy
  10. Code for Chasman et al, PLOS Comp Biol 2016.

    GAMS 1 Built by @deborah-chasman
  11. Project in course 'Modeling Economical Mathematics' where we are optimising the cost of running six power stations to supply a city. Written in GAMS.

    GAMS 1 Built by @biancadufourpartanen @pwheden
  12. GAMS 1 1 Built by @shreyud @gmiri @xzhou99
  13. Examples for Optimization Methods in Metabolic Networks (ISBN: 978-1-119-02849-9)

    GAMS 1 1 Built by @ChiamYu
  14. GAMS 1 Built by @euzun
  15. Automatically exported from

    GAMS 1
  16. GAMS 1 Built by @sbebo
  17. This pipeline turns a list of S. cerevesiae phospho-peptides that exhibit stress responsive abundance changes, as measured by mass spectrometry, into a hierarchical signaling network, connecting upstream kinases and phosphatases to their downstream targets. Our computational pipeline is based on the premise that kinases and phosphatases recogniz…

    GAMS 1 Built by @agitter @deborah-chasman @mmacgilvray18
  18. GAMS 1 1 Built by @rjrow
  19. Exercises for Applied Trade Theory Course, Christine Wieck, SS2014, Uni Bonn

    GAMS 1 1 Built by @trialsolution
  20. Coastal Impact and Adaptation Model

    GAMS 1 Built by @delavane
  21. all files developed as part of masters

    GAMS 1 1 Built by @emilysig
  22. Interactive web interface to GAMS models

    GAMS 1 1 Built by @sistemico
  23. energy analysis toolbox in R

    GAMS 1 1 Built by @vpotashnikov @olugovoy
  24. Unit Commitment Model of the JRC

    GAMS Built by @squoilin @jamiepg1
  25. Codes for EmInInn project WP9

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