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  1. psztorc / DICE

    Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy Model of the Economics of Global Warming

    GAMS • Built by @psztorc @jaysonvirissimo

  2. iiasa / gams_stub

    A stub repository for GAMS-based models with associated tools.

    GAMS • Built by @gidden @danielhuppmann

  3. ElectricityAuthority / vSPD

    vectorised Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch

    GAMS • Built by @drphilbishop @BrianBull @djhume

  4. tonygardella / BUGE512

    GAMS • Built by @kxzheng @ashiklom @tonygardella @parevalo @swworley

  5. rjrow / git-model

    GAMS • Built by @rjrow

  6. emilysig / master

    all files developed as part of masters

    GAMS • Built by @emilysig

  7. ElectricityAuthority / gem

    Automatically exported from

    GAMS •

  8. trialsolution / appliedtt-ss2014

    Exercises for Applied Trade Theory Course, Christine Wieck, SS2014, Uni Bonn

    GAMS • Built by @trialsolution

  9. pwheden / Planidecortplaz

    Project in course 'Modeling Economical Mathematics' where we are optimising the cost of running six power stations to supply a city. Written in GAMS.

    GAMS • Built by @biancadufourpartanen @pwheden

  10. kxzheng / BUGE512

    GAMS • Built by @tonygardella

  11. doeramses / ramses

    Ramses Project Code

    GAMS • Built by @tmunson @bws

  12. Akhrameev / Practicum_GAMS_2.1

    Differential Task

    GAMS • Built by @Akhrameev

  13. Akhrameev / Practicum_GAMS_5.1

    Optimization of profits by the mine development

    GAMS • Built by @Akhrameev

  14. emillarsen / cobweb-market-code

    GAMS • Built by @emillarsen

  15. twarzin / LakeErie

    Lake Erie linked model

    GAMS • Built by @twarzin @jleejohnson05

  16. TuongGitHub / Extended-Reserve-Selection

    Extended reserve selction methodology, data and model

    GAMS • Built by @TuongEA @TuongGitHub

  17. jyfeather / FarmManagement

    An optimization class assignment

    GAMS • Built by @jyfeather

  18. Akhrameev / Practicum_GAMS_1.1

    Optimization of nutrition and insulin injections for diabetes GAMS_Task_1.1

    GAMS • Built by @Akhrameev

  19. jamiepg1 / support

  20. jamiepg1 / be_flexibility

    • Built by @squoilin

  21. jamiepg1 / UCM

    Unit Commitment Model of the JRC

    GAMS • Built by @squoilin @jamiepg1

  22. jamiepg1 / EXIOMOD_EmInInn

    Codes for EmInInn project WP9

  23. jamiepg1 / Energy-Market-Optimization

    The files used for the energy-market optimization algorithm for the Renewables in Electricity Markets course. The files also contain the main data used. Will be updated for the balancing markets.

    GAMS • Built by @vignkri @jamiepg1

  24. alminagorta / SimpleOptimizationModel

    Simple Optimization Model to reduce excess of nutrients in water bodies

    GAMS • Built by @alminagorta

  25. sistemico / gams2web

    Interactive web interface to GAMS models

    GAMS • Built by @sistemico

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