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  1. Main development repository for GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming, a System for Computational Discrete Algebra

    GAP 128 55 Built by @fingolfin @rbehrends @markuspf @alex-konovalov @ChrisJefferson 5 stars this month
  2. BLLIP reranking parser (also known as Charniak-Johnson parser, Charniak parser, Brown reranking parser) See for Python module.

    GAP 135 40 Built by @dmcc @jimwhite @didzis @cdg720 @vene
  3. RepRapPro's version of Prusa Mendel

    GAP 73 126 Built by @reprappro @jmgiacalone
  4. RepRapPro Huxley 3D Printer

    GAP 48 60 Built by @emaker @reprappro @jmgiacalone
  5. Open Fortran Parser

    GAP 22 5 Built by @rasmussn @scottkwarren @rouson @dagit @mjsottile
  6. GAP package IO to do input and output

    GAP 12 9 Built by @fingolfin @ChrisJefferson @markuspf
  7. The GAP package Semigroups

    GAP 12 11 Built by @james-d-mitchell @wilfwilson @mtorpey @markuspf @egri-nagy
  8. Jupyter kernels for GAP

    GAP 11 8 Built by @markuspf @alex-konovalov @pedritomelenas @jdemeyer @sebasguts
  9. Free and Open Source Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game

    GAP 11 4 Built by @khairul169
  10. NOTE: This fork is no longer maintained. For main development and filing issues, please use

    GAP 10 40 Built by @dmcc @jimwhite @didzis @cdg720 @vene
  11. ANTLR PL/SQL 11g parser

    GAP 9 61 Built by @ibre5041 @porcelli @patope
  12. GAP 7 1 Built by @funabab @williamd1k0
  13. 3D Simple Water for Godot Engine

    GAP 7 Built by @khairul169
  14. The GAP package Digraphs

    GAP 7 11 Built by @james-d-mitchell @wilfwilson @mtorpey @markuspf @le27
  15. Crowdsourcing project for the database of numbers of isomorphism types of finite groups

    GAP 7 2 Built by @alex-konovalov @markuspf
  16. nickelsworth oberon-07 compiler / transpiler

    GAP 6 1 Built by @tangentstorm
  17. GAP 6 Built by @funabab
  18. A small operating system written for Small VM.

    GAP 6 Built by @h8liu
  19. The GAP package recog to collect methods for constructive recognition

    GAP 5 5 Built by @fingolfin
  20. The GAP package orb for advanced orbit enumerations

    GAP 5 5 Built by @fingolfin @james-d-mitchell @neunhoef
  21. Some scripts for varisous lab projects

    GAP 5 6 Built by @dilawar @shriya9
  22. A GAP package for accessing Singular from within GAP

    GAP 5 5 Built by @fingolfin @mohamed-barakat @frankluebeck @sebasguts @alex-konovalov
  23. GAP package for quivers and path algebras

    GAP 5 Built by @sunnyquiver @oysteins @AndrzejMroz @alex-konovalov
  24. A simple GAP script for creating a GAP package skeleton

    GAP 5 5 Built by @fingolfin @markuspf
  25. A GAP Package to produce documentations.

    GAP 5 8 Built by @sebasguts @fingolfin @mohamed-barakat @markuspf
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