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  1. Warhammer 40,000

    Gosu 43 55 Built by @GenWilhelm @FarseerVeraenthis @alphalas @ilaunchbury @Thairne 9 stars this month
  2. The Gosu programming language

    Gosu 220 47 Built by @rsmckinney @lboasso @DPUkyle @ikornienko @vicky17d 8 stars this month
  3. Horus Heresy

    Gosu 24 28 Built by @capitaladot @zopha @alphalas @Millicant @kabuumu
  4. Sample code for Google Apps Script.

    Gosu 183 103 Built by @entaq @ayyar @radef
  5. Warhammer 40,000: 7th Edition

    Gosu 173 300 Built by @Thairne @GenWilhelm @Kangodo @amis92 @FarseerVeraenthis
  6. A Google Spreadsheet designed to receive Fluentd event logs and display charts from them.

  7. Keep email out of your inbox when you're not at work.

    Gosu 39 8 Built by @mjjohnson
  8. Mixpanel Segmentation Data Export script for report automation into Google Spreadsheets

    Gosu 34 27 Built by @melissaguyre
  9. Ronin web framework

    Gosu 32 10 Built by @kprevas @bchang @akeefer-guidewire @coryfoo @lboasso
  10. Altcoin price tracker into a google spreadsheet. Scraping data from

    Gosu 27 13 Built by @adv0r
  11. A flexible, easy to use document merge tool that enables conditional creation of PDF, Shared Doc and email file attachment from spreadsheet or form data.

    Gosu 24 14 Built by @astillman @TimCargan @dscaramellino
  12. Google Apps Script to copy folders in Google Drive

    Gosu 22 4 Built by @andrewcrouch
  13. Auto Number Headings for Google Drive Documents

    Gosu 20 5 Built by @lpanebr
  14. Warhammer Fantasy

    Gosu 20 35 Built by @Maetco @StealthKnightSteg @andreagrax @BSDataAnon @ansacs
  15. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

    Gosu 19 30 Built by @flakpanda @ResidentSteve @Kohato @StealthKnightSteg @msinosic
  16. An app script that will label your email from where in the world it was sent from

    Gosu 15 3 Built by @benjojo
  17. Utilities for using Parse with Google Apps Script.

    Gosu 14 5 Built by @adelevie
  18. Uploads a Google Sheet to a github repository as geojson whenever the spreadsheet is updated

    Gosu 14 3 Built by @gmaclennan
  19. Google Apps Script (GAS) file that handles file uploads. This functionality does not natively appear as part of a Google form.

    Gosu 13 7 Built by @drewdepriest
  20. ローカルのCSVファイルを、google spreadsheetの特定のシートにインポートする(google apps script)

    Gosu 13 4 Built by @prog-mitsu
  21. A simple script for accessing and downloading your Fitbit data in Google Spreadsheets.

    Gosu 13 6 Built by @erramirez
  22. Warhammer 40,000: Heralds of Ruin Kill Team expansion

    Gosu 12 23 Built by @azdiscord @new-neon @beckian @DreadPirateLynx @bitfury
  23. A library for connecting from Google Apps Scripts to Google APIs using OAuth2 and a Service Account

    Gosu 11 3 Built by @tmcoma
  24. Magic Ticket is a Google Apps Script that connects a Google Spreadsheet with a Zendesk instance. This aims to help manage date-related deadlines with Zendesk’s ticketing system.

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