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  1. HiBeaver is an android plugin for modifying your library jars byte code.

    Groovy 118 12 Built by @BryanSharp 54 stars today
  2. SmartThings open-source DeviceTypeHandlers and SmartApps code

    Groovy 460 16,356 Built by @workingmonk @juano2310 @larsfinander @jackchi @Yaima
  3. Rules Engine, Decision Tables, Templating

    Groovy 62 35 Built by @jdereg @kpartlow @tympollack @crowland @jsnyder4
  4. Groovy 85 279 Built by @krlaframboise
  5. Groovy 73 28 Built by @convexquad @nntnag17 @pranayhasan @jinhyukchang @coderant
  6. Groovy Scripts for FileBot

    Groovy 101 98 Built by @rednoah @jimsproull @lorcap @ronnie @damonmensch
  7. Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework

    Groovy 180 314 Built by @graemerocher @jeffbrown @pledbrook @burtbeckwith @bobbywarner
  8. Spinnaker API Gateway

    Groovy 25 70 Built by @ajordens @cfieber @danveloper @anotherchrisberry @ttomsu
  9. TextMate support for Groovy

    Groovy 56 17 Built by @alkemist @infininight @sorbits @lasersox @aroben
  10. Leave off version numbers in your dependencies section and have versions recommended by several possible sources.

    Groovy 32 15 Built by @DanielThomas @jkschneider @rspieldenner @brharrington @rbrindl
  11. Nest Manager (SmartThings Unofficial)

    Groovy 107 401 Built by @tonesto7 @imnotbob @invalid-email-address @desertblade @bbodenmiller
  12. A standalone Java Decompiler GUI

    Groovy 3,022 705 Built by @emmanue1 @sschuberth @PuspenduBanerjee @simon04 @alexey-lysiuk
  13. [Asgard is deprecated at Netflix. We use Spinnaker ( ).] Web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Binary download:

    Groovy 2,143 426 Built by @claymccoy @jgritman @joesondow @aglover @danveloper
  14. Job scheduler and runbook automation. Enable self-service access to existing scripts and tools.

    Groovy 1,782 402 Built by @gschueler @ahonor @noahcampbell @jtobard @mathpl
  15. A Gradle plugin to report the number of method references in your APK on every build.

    Groovy 1,600 139 Built by @benjamin-bader @kenkyee @vanniktech @xiphirx @ajalt
  16. Automated JSON API documentation for API's built with Spring

    Groovy 1,514 577 Built by @dilipkrish @adrianbk @martypitt @fgaule @MaksimOrlov
  17. Gradle Plugin to upload your APK and metadata to the Google Play Store

    Groovy 1,476 117 Built by @bhurling @ChristianBecker @Poeschl @shiraji @hzsweers
  18. Gradle plugin which downloads and manages your Android SDK.

    Groovy 1,435 150 Built by @JakeWharton @tominsam @jaredsburrows @joninvski @sschuberth
  19. Android渠道打包工具

    Groovy 1,143 247 Built by @mcxiaoke
  20. OkBuck is a gradle plugin that lets developers utilize the Buck build system on a gradle project.

    Groovy 917 94 Built by @kageiit @Piasy @raviagarwal7 @malbano @marcinkwiatkowski
  21. A Groovy DSL for Jenkins Jobs - Sweeeeet!

    Groovy 907 481 Built by @daspilker @quidryan @andrewharmellaw @v1v @abayer
  22. Buildstep uses Docker and Buildpacks to build applications like Heroku

    Groovy 890 291 Built by @progrium @yabawock @asm89 @fcoury @josegonzalez
  23. Gradle plugin to discover dependency updates

    Groovy 867 43 Built by @jochenberger @ben-manes @tkruse @gesellix @grimreaper
  24. Helper to upload Gradle Android Artifacts to Maven repositories

    Groovy 749 225 Built by @chrisbanes @dlew @grantland @aectann @MagicMicky
  25. (UNMAINTAINED)微信热更新方案实践

    Groovy 745 115 Built by @zzz40500
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