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  1. trilinos / Trilinos_tutorial

    A tutorial for the for the Trilinos Software

    Harbour • Built by @jwillenbring @hortonka @zbrueske @sjdeal @mhoemmen

  2. FireHatLabs / backdraft-client-example

    Client examples using BackDraft API.

    Harbour • Built by @ChrisCompton

  3. sundarj / hibiku

    Customisable Node.js CMS / templating system

    Harbour • Built by @sundarj

  4. varda / aule

    A web interface to the Varda database for genomic variation frequencies

    Harbour • Built by @martijnvermaat

  5. motherjones / congress-vote-tracker

    Shows changes in vote by party over time.

    Harbour • Built by @benbreedlove @tasneem @jaeahlee @glassresistor @r19m89s

  6. davidbranco / Prelude-Harbour

    A Harbour library for list handling compatible with AdvPL

    Harbour • Built by @haskellcamargo

  7. leocwolter / caelux

    Harbour • Built by @artdiniz @FernandaBernardo @MatheusLopes @leocwolter

  8. gitpan / perlhbm

    Read-only release history for perlhbm

    Harbour •

  9. jamiepg1 / cholesky

    dense/sparse cholesky

    • Built by @zhuangsc

  10. jamiepg1 / caelux

    • Built by @artdiniz @FernandaBernardo @leocwolter

  11. jamiepg1 / backdraft-client-example

    Client examples using BackDraft API.

    • Built by @ChrisCompton

  12. varda / aule-test

    Testing Travis CI deploy

    Harbour • Built by @martijnvermaat

  13. aziz-ka / mail-pimp

    Harbour • Built by @aziz-ka

  14. webbgroup-physical-chemistry / tinker_tools

    Harbour • Built by @awritchie

  15. awritchie / tinker_tools

    Harbour • Built by @awritchie

  16. NaldoDj / xml-rpc

    Classe em AdvPL para conexão via XML-RPC

    Harbour • Built by @NaldoDj

  17. assaff / peptalk

    Harbour • Built by @assaff


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