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  1. Kit: a magical, high performance programming language, designed for game development.

    Haskell 299 4 Built by @bendmorris 117 stars today
  2. Compiler for Elm, a functional language for reliable webapps.

    Haskell 4,747 376 Built by @process-bot @evancz @johnpmayer @maxsnew @xash 6 stars today
  3. ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts

    Haskell 12,304 623 Built by @koalaman @ngzhian @eatnumber1 @Dridi @NLKNguyen 6 stars today
  4. Universal markup converter

    Haskell 13,026 1,500 Built by @jgm @jkr @tarleb @link2xt @mpickering 6 stars today
  5. Language, engine, and tooling for expressing, testing, and evaluating composable language rules on input strings.

    Haskell 1,868 270 Built by @patapizza @zliu41 @haoxuany @panagosg7 @Abdallatif 5 stars today
  6. A comprehensive Amazon Web Services SDK for Haskell.

    Haskell 325 100 Built by @brendanhay @naushadh @shlevy @proger @kim
  7. A Haskell kernel for IPython.

    Haskell 1,776 190 Built by @gibiansky @vaibhavsagar @sumitsahrawat @aavogt @edechter
  8. The Haskell Tool Stack

    Haskell 2,848 631 Built by @snoyberg @borsboom @mgsloan @chrisdone @sjakobi
  9. Official upstream development repository for Cabal and cabal-install

    Haskell 922 451 Built by @dcoutts @23Skidoo @ezyang @SyntaxPolice @phadej
  10. Reflex FRP is a composable, cross-platform functional reactive programming framework for Haskell. It allows you to build interactive components in pure functional style, working in harmony with established Haskell techniques and improving the quality and elegance of your applications.

    Haskell 217 101 Built by @ryantrinkle @ali-abrar @luigy @hamishmack @danharaj
  11. Convert Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection

    Haskell 58 399 Built by @snoyberg @sol @Tarrasch @DanBurton @asayers
  12. Cryptographic currency implementing Ouroboros PoS protocol

    Haskell 2,958 496 Built by @gromakovsky @volhovm @neongreen @sectore @Martoon-00
  13. A Testing Framework for Haskell

    Haskell 470 70 Built by @sol @trystan @soenkehahn @gregwebs @ephemient
  14. The Plutus language reference implementation and tools

    Haskell 128 22 Built by @vmchale @effectfully @michaelpj @psygnisfive @Cubesoup
  15. A fast Haskell JSON library

    Haskell 762 193 Built by @bos @bergmark @basvandijk @phadej @Lysxia
  16. Exercism exercises in Haskell.

    Haskell 203 94 Built by @rbasso @petertseng @etrepum @kytrinyx @lpalma
  17. REST API for any Postgres database

    Haskell 11,270 499 Built by @begriffs @ruslantalpa @diogob @steve-chavez @adambaker
  18. A strongly-typed language that compiles to Javascript

    Haskell 5,140 381 Built by @paf31 @garyb @hdgarrood @kRITZCREEK @joneshf
  19. A Haskell library that simplifies access to remote data, such as databases or web-based services.

    Haskell 3,305 274 Built by @simonmar @phadej @xich @watashi @algoriddle
  20. A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

    Haskell 2,566 588 Built by @edwinb @david-christiansen @melted @jfdm @raichoo
  21. Functional Programming Course

    Haskell 2,447 950 Built by @tonymorris @ajmcmiddlin @gwils @markhibberd @puffnfresh
  22. Hybrid textual and visual functional programming.

    Haskell 2,446 61 Built by @wdanilo @kustosz @iamrecursion @piotrMocz @mikusp
  23. Functional Programming concepts, examples and patterns illustrated in Haskell, Ocaml and Python

    Haskell 2,341 130 Built by @caiorss @michael-sloma @cryptedp @qhfgva @patrikja
  24. A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications.

    Haskell 2,327 80 Built by @eriksvedang @hellerve @chrisosaurus @bagucode @Nananas
  25. Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. (

    Haskell 2,154 174 Built by @sdiehl @chsievers @mpickering @mseri @da-x
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