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  1. ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts

    Haskell 7,077 370 Built by @koalaman @Dridi @NLKNguyen @eatnumber1 @haguenau 6 stars today
  2. Universal markup converter

    Haskell 8,530 1,071 Built by @jgm @jkr @tarleb @mpickering @lierdakil 5 stars today
  3. REST API for any Postgres database

    Haskell 8,962 364 Built by @begriffs @ruslantalpa @diogob @adambaker @calebmer 5 stars today
  4. Official upstream development repository for Cabal and cabal-install

    Haskell 701 369 Built by @dcoutts @23Skidoo @ezyang @SyntaxPolice @igfoo
  5. The Haskell Tool Stack

    Haskell 2,206 408 Built by @snoyberg @borsboom @mgsloan @chrisdone @sjakobi
  6. Lenses, Folds, and Traversals - Join us on freenode #haskell-lens

    Haskell 1,039 171 Built by @ekmett @glguy @shachaf @ehird @basdirks
  7. Very low feature GHCi based IDE

    Haskell 240 23 Built by @ndmitchell @cloudhead @JPMoresmau @luigy @WJWH
  8. A streaming data library

    Haskell 383 128 Built by @snoyberg @mgsloan @NicolasT @schernichkin @jwiegley
  9. A tutorial for reflex-dom with small code bits

    Haskell 27 5 Built by @hansroland @binarin @Emiluren @roberth
  10. Project templates for stack new

    Haskell 88 61 Built by @snoyberg @narrative @mgsloan @chrisdone @lwm
  11. Compiler for Elm, a functional language for reliable webapps.

    Haskell 3,784 291 Built by @evancz @johnpmayer @maxsnew @Xashili @michaelbjames
  12. A small strongly typed language that compiles to Javascript

    Haskell 3,531 294 Built by @paf31 @garyb @hdgarrood @joneshf @kRITZCREEK
  13. A Haskell library that simplifies access to remote data, such as databases or web-based services.

    Haskell 2,654 226 Built by @simonmar @phadej @xich @watashi @algoriddle
  14. A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

    Haskell 1,743 433 Built by @edwinb @david-christiansen @jfdm @raichoo @melted
  15. A RESTful Haskell web framework built on WAI.

    Haskell 1,712 291 Built by @snoyberg @gregwebs @meteficha @luite @pbrisbin
  16. Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. (

    Haskell 1,694 131 Built by @sdiehl @chsievers @mpickering @mseri @da-x
  17. Haskell to JavaScript compiler, based on GHC

    Haskell 1,621 124 Built by @luite @hamishmack @osa1 @sviperll @co-dan
  18. C to Rust translator

    Haskell 1,554 80 Built by @jameysharp @ranweiler @natronics @waywardmonkeys @Marwes
  19. A static website compiler library in Haskell

    Haskell 1,526 266 Built by @jaspervdj @nagisa @NicoleRauch @sphynx @samgd
  20. Functional Programming Course

    Haskell 1,503 636 Built by @tonymorris @markhibberd @djv @bens @levinotik
  21. Mirror of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. Patches are best submitted to GHC's Phabricator (, bugs and feature-requests are best filed to GHC's Trac (, or sent to the mailing list ( First time contributors are encouraged to get started by just sending a Pull Req…

    Haskell 1,498 391 Built by @simonmar @simonpj @igfoo @julian-seward1 @bgamari
  22. A Haskell kernel for IPython.

    Haskell 1,483 155 Built by @gibiansky @sumitsahrawat @aavogt @edechter @houshuang
  23. A wiki using HAppS, pandoc, and git

    Haskell 1,359 165 Built by @jgm @duairc @freiric @gwern @wcaleb
  24. Homomorphic machine learning

    Haskell 1,218 117 Built by @mikeizbicki @t3476 @MattWis @andychase @cdepillabout
  25. lamdu - towards the next generation IDE

    Haskell 1,209 50 Built by @Peaker @yairchu @rvion @da-x @ysangkok
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