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  1. Haxe - The Cross-Platform Toolkit

    Haxe 2,141 399 Built by @ncannasse @nadako @waneck @hughsando @jdonaldson 48 stars this month
  2. ๐Ÿ“ Geometrize is a Haxe port of primitive. Geometrize images into geometric primitives

    Haxe 97 5 Built by @Tw1ddle 31 stars this month
  3. The "Open Flash Library" for fast 2D development

    Haxe 1,059 279 Built by @jgranick @mrcdk @larsiusprime @james4k @vizanto 12 stars this month
  4. Ultra-portable, high performance, open source multimedia framework.

    Haxe 481 84 Built by @RobDangerous @AoE-Maniac @J-d-H @luboslenco @sh-dave 10 stars this month
  5. The collection of easy samples and hello-worlds for Haxe.

    Haxe 63 2 Built by @r3d9u11 11 stars this month
  6. Heaps : Haxe Game Framework

    Haxe 606 83 Built by @ncannasse @Valandre @pperidont @mcapdegelle @deepnight 10 stars this month
  7. Free, cross-platform 2D game engine powered by Haxe and OpenFL

    Haxe 1,048 242 Built by @Gama11 @Beeblerox @gamedevsam @larsiusprime @JoeCreates 8 stars this month
  8. Unreal.hx: Haxe Integration for Unreal

    Haxe 205 15 Built by @waneck @dogles @DJLennon @paulproletariat @ChetRippo 9 stars this month
  9. Convert AS3 sources to their Haxe equivalent

    Haxe 116 36 Built by @yanhick @SlavaRa @grumpytoad @sganapavarapu1 @jgranick 8 stars this month
  10. Cross-platform desktop, mobile, and WebGL game engine, based on FlashPunk

    Haxe 371 123 Built by @MattTuttle @bendmorris @ibilon @Marwes @raistlin 6 stars this month
  11. Core utilities

    Haxe 70 17 Built by @back2dos @amecke @kevinresol @jasononeil @AdrianV
  12. Haxe WebSockets everywhere! Including javascript, flash and sys targets.

    Haxe 47 12 Built by @soywiz @romamik @RealyUniqueName @sh-dave @tecteun
  13. Genome2D High Level Core

    Haxe 44 9 Built by @pshtif
  14. Haxe 1,881 227 Built by @haxiomic @MichaelDimmitt
  15. Rapidly cook up games for HTML5, Flash, Android, and iOS.

    Haxe 695 123 Built by @aduros @volkipp @markknol @s2quinn @alamboley
  16. Web Audio Library

    Haxe 559 35 Built by @adireddy @jeffskelton3
  17. Haxe/AS3 Physics Engine

    Haxe 500 65 Built by @deltaluca @dstep @Gama11 @IBwWG @leolannenmaki
  18. Cross platform Haxe/OpenFL set of styleable application centric, rich UI components, to be used "out the box". Supports css type styling/skinning. If you are writing a new application, consider version 2:

    Haxe 410 52 Built by @ianharrigan @ProPuke @tiagolr @aW4KeNiNG @RudolfVonKrugstein
  19. A lovingly handcrafted free, open source cross platform game engine.

    Haxe 361 74 Built by @underscorediscovery @KeyMaster- @anissen @whuop @SvenLehmann
  20. Performance monitor for Actionscript3 and haXe

    Haxe 330 104 Built by @mrdoob @jankeesvw
  21. UI engine for Haxe OpenFL designed to give as much freedom as possible in customizing UI

    Haxe 316 78 Built by @RealyUniqueName @RudolfVonKrugstein @empika @fresh-flash @ProPuke
  22. Collection of demos for HaxeFlixel

    Haxe 264 232 Built by @Gama11 @larsiusprime @Beeblerox @steverichey @gamedevsam
  23. A Haxe library containing data structures for games.

    Haxe 261 51 Built by @polygonal @Dr-Emann @vantreeseba @JesseTG @mikedotalmond
  24. A simple free market simulator engine. Based on "Emergent Economies for Role Playing Games" by Doran and Parberry.

    Haxe 206 33 Built by @larsiusprime @paultcochrane @emibap @rchasepatterson @gamedevsam
  25. An HTML/CSS rendering engine for the Haxe language

    Haxe 183 32 Built by @yanhick @codam @lexoyo @zabojad @clemos
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