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  1. NREPL for Hy

    Hy 55 3 Built by @farhaven @Foxboron @algernon
  2. Live-coding Blender with Hy(lang)

    Hy 54 3 Built by @chr15m @maacl
  3. Hy on Adderall - a miniKanren implementation in Hy

    Hy 47 2 Built by @algernon
  4. The Hy Transformer

    Hy 37 3 Built by @algernon @tuturto
  5. Minimalist dependency injection library for Python that embraces annotations syntax

    Hy 36 2 Built by @h2non
  6. Union types and some other functional-y stuff for Hy

    Hy 27 1 Built by @kirbyfan64
  7. A command line replacement for zapier and ifttt.

    Hy 25 3 Built by @svetlyak40wt @shvechikov
  8. Hy Monad Notation - a monad library for Hy

    Hy 22 1 Built by @pyx
  9. The first (and only) Hy unit testing framework

    Hy 18 3 Built by @kirbyfan64 @r0man @tianon
  10. Convert images to audio, visible with a spectrograph. Uses Inverse Fast Fourier Transform.

  11. IRC bot for Hy

    Hy 14 6 Built by @copyninja @jd @olasd @theanalyst @berkerpeksag
  12. Hyer - Hy enhanced routing

    Hy 12 1 Built by @pyx
  13. Hy on μKanren

    Hy 12 Built by @mudphone
  14. Clojurey functions for Hy (a lisp on top of Python)

    Hy 11 2 Built by @danneu @ccfontes
  15. A game-show roguelike about a roguelike game show

    Hy 10 Built by @Kodiologist
  16. Hy 9 Built by @findmyway @chanshunli

    Hy 8 8 Built by @etienneandre @hoangia90 @ukuehne @RSoulat @sami-evangelista
  18. Snitch on them servers

    Hy 8 2 Built by @paultag @willkg
  19. Algorave drill-n-bass-ish music generator.

    Hy 7 Built by @chr15m
  20. Eternal Daughter reverse engineering project

    Hy 7 1 Built by @mmiszczyk @KMASubhani
  21. A collection of macros for Hy

    Hy 6 Built by @Tritlo
  22. A static compiler for Hy

    Hy 6 1 Built by @koji-kojiro
  23. A simple utility to suggest ID3 tag changes for MP3 collections with a specific format

    Hy 5 2 Built by @elfsternberg
  24. Hylang Koans

    Hy 5 Built by @taddeimania @skovsgaard
  25. marx + lenin

    Hy 4 1 Built by @paultag
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