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See what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.

  1. Foxboron / HyREPL

    NREPL for Hy

    Hy • Built by @farhaven @Foxboron @algernon

  2. chr15m / blender-hylang-live-code

    Live-coding Blender with Hy(lang)

    Hy • Built by @chr15m @maacl

  3. algernon / adderall

    Hy on Adderall - a miniKanren implementation in Hy

    Hy • Built by @algernon

  4. hylang / hydiomatic

    The Hy Transformer

    Hy • Built by @algernon @tuturto

  5. svetlyak40wt / python-processor

    A command line replacement for zapier and ifttt.

    Hy • Built by @svetlyak40wt @shvechikov

  6. pyx / hymn

    Hy Monad Notation - a monad library for Hy

    Hy • Built by @pyx

  7. kirbyfan64 / hyskell

    Union types and some other functional-y stuff for Hy

    Hy • Built by @kirbyfan64

  8. bryangarza / spectre

    Convert images to audio, visible with a spectrograph. Uses Inverse Fast Fourier Transform.

    Hy • Built by @bryangarza

  9. hylang / hygdrop

    IRC bot for Hy

    Hy • Built by @copyninja @jd @olasd @berkerpeksag @theanalyst

  10. danneu / hyclops

    Clojurey functions for Hy (a lisp on top of Python)

    Hy • Built by @danneu @ccfontes

  11. mudphone / Hywaii

    Hy on μKanren

    Hy • Built by @mudphone

  12. kirbyfan64 / hytest

    The first (and only) Hy unit testing framework

    Hy • Built by @kirbyfan64 @tianon @oyvindrobertsen

  13. paultag / snitch

    Snitch on them servers

    Hy • Built by @paultag @SillySina @willkg

  14. pyx / hyer

    Hyer - Hy enhanced routing

    Hy • Built by @pyx

  15. etienneandre / imitator


    Hy • Built by @etienneandre @ukuehne @hoangia90 @sami-evangelista @coti

  16. ryuslash / hypo

    Quickly share stuff

    Hy • Built by @ryuslash

  17. elfsternberg / mp_suggest

    A simple utility to suggest ID3 tag changes for MP3 collections with a specific format

    Hy • Built by @elfsternberg

  18. Hylands / macros

    A collection of macros for Hy

    Hy • Built by @Tritlo

  19. paultag / marx

    Control the means of production

    Hy • Built by @paultag

  20. paultag / acid

    Hy • Built by @paultag

  21. paultag / lenin

    marx + lenin

    Hy • Built by @paultag

  22. Kodiologist / Rogue-TV

    A game-show roguelike about a roguelike game show

    Hy • Built by @Kodiologist

  23. rcarmo / mqtt-feed-fetcher

    An RSS feed fetcher that pipes new items to an MQTT topic

    Hy • Built by @rcarmo @waffle-iron

  24. paultag / lysergide

    Makes music great

    Hy • Built by @paultag

  25. 198d / fern

    Fern is a remote execution framework written in Hy.

    Hy • Built by @198d

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