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  1. JVM bytecode backend for Idris

    Idris 192 10 Built by @mmhelloworld @nightscape @gitter-badger @harveywi @xran-deex 14 stars this month
  2. xmonad with the X11 abstracted and configured with Idris

    Idris 159 6 Built by @puffnfresh @sleepynate
  3. Parser combinators for Idris

    Idris 142 29 Built by @ziman @jfdm @david-christiansen @timjb @Melvar
  4. Collection of Idris tests and demonstration programs

    Idris 125 7 Built by @edwinb
  5. Software Foundations in Idris

    Idris 123 9 Built by @yurrriq @clayrat @ehamberg @jfdm
  6. Koans are small lessons on the path to enlightenment. The aim of the Idris Koans project is to provide an easy learning environment in Idris. Your insight will be derived by encountering failing code and fixing them so that they type check.

    Idris 117 18 Built by @jfdm @gramosg @pseudonom
  7. Type-safe physical computations and unit conversions in Idris โš– ๐ŸŒก โฒ ๐Ÿ”‹ ๐Ÿ“

    Idris 109 9 Built by @timjb @iblech @matheus23
  8. 2048 in Idris

    Idris 107 8 Built by @KesterTong @bfontaine @bgilb @nathanpeck
  9. Implementation of cryptographic primitives using Idris

    Idris 87 7 Built by @sellout @esmooov @jfdm @gitter-badger
  10. Sample code from "Type Driven Development with Idris"

    Idris 65 14 Built by @edwinb @mknoszlig
  11. Type provider library for Idris

    Idris 60 6 Built by @david-christiansen @LeifW
  12. FFI Bindings to interact with the unsafe world of JavaScript

    Idris 60 9 Built by @raichoo @jhegedus42 @edwinb @Melvar @yacinehmito
  13. A proper network library for Idris, now that I know what I'm doing.

    Idris 50 8 Built by @SimonJF @nfjinjing @defanor @LeifW
  14. Learning project by a group of people interested in learning the Idris language

    Idris 49 11 Built by @ToJans @ascjones @aschlapsi @klimisa @bartul
  15. Various data structures for use in the Idris Language.

    Idris 47 10 Built by @jfdm @ahmadsalim @mgttlinger @jackolantern @raineorshine
  16. HoTT in Idris

    Idris 47 4 Built by @fmota @Melvar
  17. Slides and exercises for the Idris course taught at Galois

    Idris 43 Built by @david-christiansen
  18. Experiments in Idris / Unity integration.

    Idris 42 Built by @bamboo
  19. A port of QuickCheck to Idris

    Idris 41 4 Built by @david-christiansen
  20. A little toy...

    Idris 37 Built by @edwinb
  21. ๐›Œ Awesome Idris resources

    Idris 37 2 Built by @joaomilho @clayrat @xaviervia
  22. SDL bindings package for idris

    Idris 34 13 Built by @edwinb @LeifW @tpsinnem
  23. Idris Lib to interact with the DOM and Browser API for the JavaScript backend

    Idris 33 9 Built by @raichoo @tauli @BartAdv @ziocroc @wolverian
  24. State machines in Idris

    Idris 31 1 Built by @edwinb
  25. Static blog generator in Idris.

    Idris 30 2 Built by @josephw @puffnfresh
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