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  1. KesterTong / idris2048

    2048 in Idris

    Idris • Built by @KesterTong @bgilb @bfontaine @nathanpeck

  2. puffnfresh / iridium

    xmonad with the X11 abstracted and configured with Idris

    Idris • Built by @puffnfresh @sleepynate

  3. edwinb / idris-demos

    Collection of Idris tests and demonstration programs

    Idris • Built by @edwinb

  4. timjb / quantities

    Type-safe physical computations and unit conversions in Idris

    Idris • Built by @timjb @matheus23

  5. idris-hackers / idris-crypto

    Implementation of cryptographic primitives using Idris

    Idris • Built by @sellout @esmooov @jfdm

  6. ziman / lightyear

    Parser combinators for Idris

    Idris • Built by @ziman @jfdm @david-christiansen @timjb @bryce-anderson

  7. idris-hackers / idris-koans

    Koans are small lessons on the path to enlightenment. The aim of the Idris Koans project is to provide an easy learning environment in Idris. Your insight will be derived by encountering failing code and fixing them so that they type check.

    Idris • Built by @jfdm @gramosg @pseudonom

  8. ToJans / idris101

    Learning project by a group of people interested in learning the Idris language

    Idris • Built by @ToJans @ascjones @gregoryyoung @AntoniosK @bartul

  9. SimonJF / IdrisNet2

    A proper network library for Idris, now that I know what I'm doing.

    Idris • Built by @SimonJF @nfjinjing @defanor @LeifW

  10. david-christiansen / idris-type-providers

    Type provider library for Idris

    Idris • Built by @david-christiansen

  11. idris-hackers / iQuery

    Idris Lib to interact with the DOM and Browser API for the JavaScript backend

    Idris • Built by @raichoo @tauli @BartAdv @wolverian @ziocroc

  12. david-christiansen / idris-quickcheck

    A port of QuickCheck to Idris

    Idris • Built by @david-christiansen

  13. edwinb / SDL-idris

    SDL bindings package for idris

    Idris • Built by @edwinb @LeifW @tpsinnem

  14. david-christiansen / IdrisAtGalois2015

    Slides and exercises for the Idris course taught at Galois

    Idris • Built by @david-christiansen

  15. david-christiansen / IdrisSqlite

    Effectful bindings for SQLite (forked from IdrisWeb)

    Idris • Built by @david-christiansen

  16. fmota / HoTT-Idris

    HoTT in Idris

    Idris • Built by @fmota

  17. japesinator / tarts

    Timing attack resistant type systems

    Idris • Built by @japesinator

  18. idris-hackers / IdrisScript

    FFI Bindings to interact with the unsafe world of JavaScript

    Idris • Built by @raichoo @edwinb

  19. andyarvanitis / IdrisObjCExperiment

    Idris • Built by @andyarvanitis

  20. edwinb / WS-idr

    Yes, it is what you think it is

    Idris • Built by @edwinb

  21. reynir / Verified

    A collection of proofs for some idris class instances

    Idris • Built by @reynir @ulidtko

  22. idris-hackers / idris-cph-exercises

    Exercises from the Idris lecture series presented at the ITU Copenhagen on March 11--15, updated to work with latest Idris releases.

    Idris • Built by @jfdm

  23. puffnfresh / stl-idris

    Code from my StrangeLoop 2014 Idris presentation.

    Idris • Built by @puffnfresh

  24. edwinb / Eff-new

    New version of Effects library with dependent states

    Idris • Built by @edwinb


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