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  1. pki-io / pki-io

    Main repo with docs etc.

    Io • Built by @zeroXten @thanasisk @jonbonazza @gitter-badger

  2. cdcarter / backpacking

    An Io web framework of sorts

    Io • Built by @cdcarter @cjpearson

  3. whymirror / yown

    a little web for Io

    Io •

  4. jeremytregunna / IoSpec

    A test suite specification of the Io Programming Language

    Io • Built by @jeremytregunna @j-pb

  5. tumble / iowiki

    simple wiki written in Io (see, with templates editable from within the wiki itself

    Io •

  6. tyler / iota

    A tiny web app framework written in Io

    Io •

  7. defunkt / ike

    Rake in Io.

    Io • Built by @defunkt

  8. bekkopen / jasmineio

    A Jasmine BDD port for Io Language

    Io • Built by @follesoe @sgravrock @leavengood @torgeir @johshoff

  9. ethereumproject / volunteer

    Information regarding the community development initiative, learn how to volunteer and contribute to the decentralized development effort.

    Io • Built by @colibry545 @servis @elaineo @ProphetDaniel @sethfork

  10. oleganza / io-snippets

    Misc snippets in Io programming language (

    Io • Built by @oleganza

  11. quag / iospec2

    An rspec like tool for Io

    Io • Built by @quag

  12. quag / io-json

    A simple json pack/unpack for Io

    Io • Built by @quag

  13. oleganza / iopackage

    Io code package manager based on Git repositories

    Io • Built by @oleganza

  14. josip / eerie

    Package manager for Io.

    Io • Built by @josip

  15. iamjwc / yown

    a little web for Io

    Io •

  16. josip / generys

    Wanna-be web framework for Io

    Io • Built by @josip

  17. baasio / SDK for iOS

    Io • Built by @cetauri @kimkkikki

  18. pgregory / blackpool

    A heretic web framework in Io, based on Seaside.

    Io • Built by @pgregory

  19. fredreichbier / netz

    a simple webserver abstraction layer for Io

    Io • Built by @fredreichbier

  20. vangberg / iodis

    a redis client library for io

    Io • Built by @vangberg @olleolleolle

  21. jdp / boid

    Environment and package manager for Io

    Io • Built by @jdp

  22. imownbey / jim

    An irc bot written in io. To learn and stuff

    Io •

  23. fredreichbier / iorm

    a minimalistic orm for Io

    Io • Built by @fredreichbier

  24. gatesphere / demi-16

    A DCPU-16 emulator

    Io • Built by @gatesphere

  25. jdp / io-scgi

    An implementation of SCGI for the Io programming language

    Io • Built by @jdp

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