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  1. there are failing tests. please find any bugs you may have introduced, fix and submit.

    J 112 29 Built by @sofuture @mdykman @smarter @effbiae @lemenkov
  2. J 47 4 Built by @wyc
  3. Consolidated J language code referenced in my blog Analyze the Data not the Drivel

    J 17 1 Built by @bakerjd99
  4. adds an optional type system to J language

    J 13 Built by @Pascal-J
  5. a syntax directed editor

    J 11 Built by @tangentstorm
  6. Write LaTeX-formatted documents using J evaluation

    J 9 1 Built by @mlochbaum
  7. An implementation of the clustering algorithm k-means in J.

    J 9 Built by @VincentToups
  8. Generally useful J verbs

    J 5 Built by @DevonMcC
  9. A library for J to talk to various nearest neighbor algorithms. I have libFLANN more or less working. I'll be adding others as I need them.

    J 5 1 Built by @locklin
  10. Collection of J scripts, along with some explanations. Updated sporadically.

    J 5 1 Built by @ajnirp
  11. Table Utilities for J (assumption is column-dictionary style)

    J 4 1 Built by @yikelu
  12. A visual Mandelbrot set explorer written in J

    J 4 Built by @tangentstorm
  13. Some programs to learn the J programming language

    J 3 Built by @jdan
  14. records system (builds on type-system-j)

    J 3 Built by @Pascal-J
  15. J Plus Plus

    J 3 Built by @Pascal-J
  16. Exercises in J language —

    J 2 Built by @ndpar
  17. J implementation of NIF file support. See also:

    J 2 1 Built by @rdm
  18. J 2 Built by @irekbulik
  19. Arrayfire bindings for J language

    J 2 2 Built by @Pascal-J
  20. a j eval bot for IRC, written in j

    J 2 Built by @tangentstorm
  21. debian packaging for j

    J 2 Built by @rdm
  22. jod distribution source with commented versions in (jodijs) - tracks J JAL versions

    J 2 1 Built by @bakerjd99
  23. Tic-Tac-Toe implemented in J

    J 1 1 Built by @robertjlooby
  24. Linguistics experiment with reordering letters in the word

    J 1 1 Built by @j0k
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