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  1. wyc / snippets

    J • Built by @wyc

  2. bakerjd99 / jacks

    Consolidated J language code referenced in my blog Analyze the Data not the Drivel

    J • Built by @bakerjd99

  3. tangentstorm / syndir

    a syntax directed editor

    J • Built by @tangentstorm

  4. Pascal-J / type-system-j

    adds an optional type system to J language

    J • Built by @Pascal-J

  5. mlochbaum / JtoLaTeX

    Write LaTeX-formatted documents using J evaluation

    J • Built by @mlochbaum

  6. yikelu / j_table

    Table Utilities for J (assumption is column-dictionary style)

    J • Built by @yikelu

  7. wenderen / j-scripts

    Collection of J scripts, along with some explanations. Updated sporadically.

    J • Built by @wenderen

  8. locklin / j-nearest-neighbor

    A library for J to talk to various nearest neighbor algorithms. I have libFLANN more or less working. I'll be adding others as I need them.

    J • Built by @locklin

  9. jbnicolai / jgplsrc

    J • Built by @jbnicolai

  10. DevonMcC / JUtilities

    Generally useful J verbs

    J • Built by @DevonMcC

  11. Eratosthenes / Project-Euler

    Some of my Project Euler solutions.

    J • Built by @Eratosthenes

  12. j0k / lingvo_e

    Linguistics experiment with reordering letters in the word

    J • Built by @j0k

  13. VincentToups / jkmeans

    An implementation of the clustering algorithm k-means in J.

    J • Built by @VincentToups

  14. hoosierEE / j

    Learn J by doing

    J • Built by @hoosierEE @iubrain

  15. locklin / j-lapacke

    Port of modern LAPACKE stubs to the J language

    J •

  16. joebo / j-fork-server

    J • Built by @joebo

  17. rdm / nifty

    J implementation of NIF file support. See also:

    J • Built by @rdm

  18. j0k / life

    j game life

    J • Built by @j0k

  19. hagleitn / conway

    Conway's Game of Life in J

    J • Built by @hagleitn

  20. joebo / vocflash

    J Vocabulary Flash cards

    J • Built by @joebo

  21. j0k / ju

    short J Utils for learn & experimentations

    J • Built by @j0k

  22. ndpar / j

    Exercises in J language —

    J • Built by @ndpar

  23. bakerjd99 / joddumps

    jod dictionary dump scripts

    J • Built by @bakerjd99

  24. robertjlooby / jicjacjoe

    Tic-Tac-Toe implemented in J

    J • Built by @robertjlooby

  25. j0k / underJ

    the process of understanding J features

    J • Built by @j0k


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