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  1. Show/edit any view's attributions on the screen.

    Java 1,234 104 Built by @JeasonWong @jokermonn @whataa @githubwing @miser3blade 868 stars this week
  2. 👉 自定义LayoutManager,炫酷列表

    Java 707 64 Built by @DingMouRen 673 stars this week
  3. Gameboy emulator in Java 8.

    Java 672 27 Built by @trekawek 613 stars this week
  4. Zuul is a gateway service that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security, and more.

    Java 4,972 1,001 Built by @kerumai @quidryan @artgon @susheelaroskar @raksoras 551 stars this week
  5. http下载工具,基于http代理,支持多连接分块下载

    Java 9,072 1,587 Built by @monkeyWie @BlackHole1 @ahDDD 446 stars this week
  6. Micronaut Application Framework

    Java 454 51 Built by @graemerocher @jameskleeh @ZacharyKlein @sdelamo @ilopmar 454 stars this week
  7. Android上一个优雅、万能自定义UI、支持周视图、自定义周起始、性能高效的日历控件,支持热插拔实现的UI定制!支持标记、自定义颜色、农历、自定义月视图各种显示模式等。Canvas绘制,速度快、占用内存低,你真的想不到日历居然还可以如此优雅!An elegant, highly customized and high-performance Calendar Widget on Android.

    Java 2,006 314 Built by @huanghaibin-dev @shuwnyuantee @peterforme 375 stars this week
  8. Spring Boot

    Java 24,982 18,698 Built by @wilkinsona @snicoll @philwebb @dsyer @mbhave 282 stars this week
  9. Design patterns implemented in Java

    Java 33,892 10,953 Built by @iluwatar @npathai @mikulucky @fluxw42 @thomasoss 264 stars this week
  10. 一款汇总了郭霖,鸿洋,以及自己平时收集的自定义控件集合库

    Java 278 40 Built by @HpWens 252 stars this week
  11. The "REST With Spring" Course:

    Java 5,872 9,622 Built by @eugenp @Doha2012 @pivovarit @lor6 @slavisa-baeldung 150 stars this week
  12. Apache Dubbo (incubating) is a high-performance, java based, open source RPC framework.

    Java 19,054 13,378 Built by @chickenlj @liangfei0201 @oldratlee @beiwei30 @ralf0131 191 stars this week
  13. 基于IjkPlayer的视频播放器,支持直播点播,悬浮窗播放,广告播放,边播边缓存;支持重力感应自动全屏;完美实现ListView和RecyclerView列表播放;支持清晰度切换;支持一行代码切换MediaPlayer和ExoPlayer;模仿抖音效果demo;Android O PiP demo

    Java 375 70 Built by @dueeeke 222 stars this week
  14. A complete android componentization solution, powered by MVPArms (MVPArms 官方快速组件化方案).

    Java 638 72 Built by @JessYanCoding 220 stars this week
  15. Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

    Java 31,269 10,787 Built by @kimchy @s1monw @martijnvg @jasontedor @javanna 196 stars this week
  16. A common architecture for Android applications developing based on MVP, integrates many open source projects (like Dagger2、Rxjava、Retrofit ...), to make your developing quicker and easier.

    Java 5,304 1,307 Built by @JessYanCoding @xiaobailong24 @Sum41forever @RockyQu @lianhuo 204 stars this week
  17. A Simple App to use Xposed without root or unlock the bootloader(or modify system image etc).

    Java 2,867 332 Built by @asLody @tiann @247321453 @dstmath @paulo-raca 209 stars this week
  18. 可能是目前最好最全的微信Java开发工具包,支持包括微信支付、开放平台、小程序、企业号和公众号等的开发

    Java 7,001 3,459 Built by @binarywang @chanjarster @aimilin6688 @mgcnrx11 @ukid 182 stars this week
  19. Google core libraries for Java

    Java 24,376 5,565 Built by @cpovirk @kluever @cgdecker @lowasser @Bezier89 181 stars this week
  20. Spring Framework

    Java 21,296 13,921 Built by @jhoeller @rstoyanchev @sbrannen @poutsma @cbeams 150 stars this week
  21. A private messenger for Android.

    Java 9,664 2,552 Built by @moxie0 @mcginty @agrajaghh @FeuRenard @cascheberg 178 stars this week
  22. Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for Android

    Java 3,822 344 Built by @chrisbanes @afohrman @yaraki @gsajith @tec27 181 stars this week
  23. Stark is a hot-fix framework for Android. It supports swapping new implementations of classes without restarting a running Android application, and updated Android resources (icons, layout, etc) while only restarting the Android Activity. Most importantly, there is no private API invoked in Stark.

    Java 186 16 Built by @ximsfei 185 stars this week
  24. 🌟 支持RxJava2、灵活可高度定制的Android图片选择架构,提供了微信和知乎主题的UI支持。

    Java 237 29 Built by @qingmei2 @13kmsteady 179 stars this week
  25. 🔥下拉刷新、上拉加载、二级刷新、淘宝二楼、RefreshLayout、OverScroll,Android智能下拉刷新框架,支持越界回弹、越界拖动,具有极强的扩展性,集成了几十种炫酷的Header和 Footer。

    Java 12,200 2,460 Built by @scwang90 @Gentrio @chengzhijun0706 @keenoor 165 stars this week
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