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  1. Slides for a few of the talks I've given

    JSONiq 33 1 Built by @jpsim
  2. JBOL is a collection of modules for the JQ language.

    JSONiq 11 1 Built by @fadado
  3. Syntax highlighting for jq files in vim/neovim

    JSONiq 9 2 Built by @vito-c @dtolnay
  4. NoSQL Online Analytical Processing

    JSONiq 8 2 Built by @MatthiasBrantner
  5. Brainfuck interpreter written in jq -- This is the proof that jq is turing-complete!

    JSONiq 5 Built by @MakeNowJust
  6. Validating and solving sudokus with JQ

    JSONiq 5 1
  7. JSONiq 4 Built by @dpb587
  8. JSONiq 4 Built by @dbuijs
  9. Lojban ologs (categorical databases) using jq

    JSONiq 3 Built by @MostAwesomeDude
  10. Deploy Kubernetes Services Using Ansible

    JSONiq 3 Built by @mingfang @minglearnvest
  11. decimalInfinite Encoding Service

    JSONiq 3
  12. Example usage of Typeform I/O with shell utilities

    JSONiq 2 Built by @VictorBjelkholm
  13. A big integer library for working with possibly-signed arbitrarily long decimal strings.

    JSONiq 2 Built by @pkoppstein @joelpurra
  14. JSONiq Query Examples for MongoDB

    JSONiq 1 1 Built by @wcandillon
  15. HTTP API reference for

    JSONiq 1 Built by @hcpl
  16. Connector for Elasticsearch

    JSONiq 1
  17. consul server container that pulls secret configuration from dynamodb

    JSONiq 1 Built by @cludden
  18. Shapefiles, GeoJSON and Source Meta-datas for the state of Selangor

    JSONiq 1 1 Built by @leowmjw @daneshchacko
  19. A compiler frontend written in jq

    JSONiq 1 Built by @charlesetc
  20. Noodling with AWS pricing and jq

    JSONiq 1 Built by @mcenirm
  21. JSONiq 1 1 Built by @ekho
  22. JSONiq Built by @wcandillon
  23. JSONiq Demo

    JSONiq Built by @wcandillon
  24. JSONiq connector for DocumentDB

    JSONiq 1 Built by @wcandillon
  25. JSONiq 1 Built by @ekho
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