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  1. Library for working with tabular data in Julia

    Julia 389 182 Built by @johnmyleswhite @powerdistribution @garborg @simonster @nalimilan
  2. An image library for Julia

    Julia 156 97 Built by @timholy @rsrock @mronian @kmsquire @lucasb-eyer
  3. Filter design, periodograms, window functions, and other digital signal processing functionality

    Julia 77 29 Built by @simonster @jfsantos @JayKickliter @JeffBezanson @gummif
  4. Tool for building binary dependencies for Julia modules

    Julia 30 65 Built by @Keno @tkelman @staticfloat @yuyichao @musm
  5. A man has written a package. A package has no name.

    Julia 60 18 Built by @MikeInnes @bramtayl @yuyichao @ranjanan @jiahao
  6. Metadata for registered Julia packages.

    Julia 151 653 Built by @attobot @tkelman @timholy @mlubin @jiahao
  7. Color manipulation utilities for Julia

    Julia 34 37 Built by @timholy @dcjones @jiahao @glenn-sweeney @m-lohmann
  8. Julia interface to Sundials, including a nonlinear solver (KINSOL), ODE's (CVODE), and DAE's (IDA).

    Julia 59 39 Built by @ChrisRackauckas @alyst @tkelman @acroy @powerdistribution
  9. A Julia package for data clustering

    Julia 78 56 Built by @lindahua @johnmyleswhite @ararslan @jumutc @lendle
  10. cross-version compatibility

    Julia 34 63 Built by @timholy @tkelman @stevengj @TotalVerb @yuyichao
  11. Visualization library written in Julia and OpenGL

    Julia 147 24 Built by @SimonDanisch @timholy @dpsanders @SimiDCI @Evizero
  12. The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing.

    Julia 8,943 2,015 Built by @JeffBezanson @StefanKarpinski @ViralBShah @vtjnash @tkelman
  13. Julia kernel for Jupyter

    Julia 1,083 175 Built by @stevengj @fperez @malmaud @yuyichao @Carreau
  14. Crafty statistical graphics for Julia.

    Julia 1,063 178 Built by @dcjones @tlnagy @bjarthur @shashi @Godisemo
  15. Deep Learning framework for Julia

    Julia 923 215 Built by @pluskid @benmoran @nstiurca @stokasto @rdeits
  16. Curated decibans of Julia language.

    Julia 483 111 Built by @svaksha @PallHaraldsson @blegat @thirumalakiran @Roger-luo
  17. Solve and estimate Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium models (including the New York Fed DSGE)

    Julia 379 75 Built by @pearlzli @emoszkowski @micahjsmith @abhig94 @ZacCranko
  18. Modeling language for Mathematical Optimization (linear, mixed-integer, conic, semidefinite, nonlinear)

    Julia 365 102 Built by @mlubin @joehuchette @IainNZ @blegat @tkelman
  19. Package to call Python functions from the Julia language

    Julia 363 74 Built by @stevengj @yuyichao @simonster @malmaud @jakebolewski
  20. Powerful convenience for Julia visualizations and data analysis

    Julia 335 81 Built by @tbreloff @mkborregaard @jheinen @daschw @SimonDanisch
  21. A JSON representation of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

    Julia 317 100 Built by @adambom @plr108 @matthewpalmer
  22. Koç University deep learning framework.

    Julia 316 74 Built by @denizyuret @EnisBerk @ozanarkancan @ekyurdakul @ilkerkesen
  23. The Julia C++ Interface

    Julia 288 57 Built by @Keno @ihnorton @sjkelly @oschulz @vchuravy
  24. Julia suite for high-performance solvers of differential equations

    Julia 285 26 Built by @ChrisRackauckas @MichaelHatherly @ScottPJones @staticfloat @Kvaz1r
  25. Composable Web UIs in Julia

    Julia 270 61 Built by @shashi @rohitvarkey @randyzwitch @aviks @maximsch2
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