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  1. Minetest Animals modpack (MOBF example mobs)

    Logos 31 30 Built by @CiaranG @sapier @bhull2010 @kaeza @mquinson
  2. Class-dump any Mach-o file without extracting it from dyld_shared_cache

    Logos 261 52 Built by @limneos @kirb @coolstar
  3. Game engine written in Go (golang).

    Logos 260 21 Built by @vova616 @mentaman
  4. A reverse engineering framework for iOS

    Logos 192 55 Built by @h4gg1s @moloch-- @0xhaggis
  5. Runs the CarPlay UI directly on top of SpringBoard on an iOS device, no need for a car!

    Logos 178 43 Built by @b3ll
  6. next-gen 3D game engine

    Logos 175 49 Built by @woyaofacai
  7. A few cross-platform game samples using MonoGame.

    Logos 124 96 Built by @DDReaper @tomspilman @danzel @dellis1972
  8. Tiny iPhone tweaks.

    Logos 86 25 Built by @grp @b3ll @theiostream
  9. Mobile QQ auto-reply bot

    Logos 76 14 Built by @snakeninny
  10. Bruteforce 4-digit iOS Passcode

    Logos 69 61 Built by @freemanrepo
  11. Sorted lock screen notifications jailbreak tweak

    Logos 61 16 Built by @thomasfinch @wakinchan @spinward @akeaswaran
  12. Source code and files for FPS Creator Classic

    Logos 60 27 Built by @LeeBamberTGC
  13. Code for tutorials posted on my blog.

    Logos 55 14 Built by @asylum2010
  14. Porting the source code from the book "An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt" by Alan & Paul Ezust from Qt 4 to Qt 5, and a bit of C++11.

    Logos 54 30 Built by @bruceoutdoors
  15. Drop-in replacement for preferenceloader.

    Logos 52 25 Built by @DHowett @rpetrich
  16. ofxFurry a simple addons furry mesh

    Logos 50 6 Built by @kashimAstro @brucelane
  17. Break Facebook's Chat Heads out of the iOS Sandbox!

    Logos 47 16 Built by @b3ll
  18. iMessage typing and read receipt indicators for the iOS status bar

    Logos 46 17 Built by @kirb @iAdam1n @benrosen78 @tmnlsthrn @Aehmlo
  19. Multitasking Suite for iOS

    Logos 41 8 Built by @mlnlover11 @aabosh
  20. Caret micromanager shift the caret via swipe.

    Logos 34 11 Built by @r-plus @devbug
  21. A Grub bootloader theme designed to match the appearance of Steam Big Picture mode.

    Logos 34 5 Built by @LegendaryBibo @archshift
  22. Latest emojis for iOS 6.0-8.2

    Logos 32 7 Built by @PoomSmart
  23. Quickly switch to previous application.

    Logos 32 8 Built by @tateu
  24. Examples of Theos and Logos usage.

    Logos 32 7 Built by @DHowett
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