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  1. Habitat is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the Commodore 64 on top of the QuantumLink online platform.

    M 408 36 Built by @glake1 @mist64 @tracker1 @frandallfarmer
  2. Improved QuickLook generator for MultiMarkdown files

    M 247 28 Built by @ttscoff @fletcher @mxey
  3. iOS color picker view controller which presents a hue bar and a saturation/brightness box to allow selection of any RGB color.

    M 202 56 Built by @tgaul @djensenius
  4. Cocoa Framework for rendering ANSi / ASCII art

    M 30 3 Built by @ByteProject
  5. Free Open Source version of EWD for GT.M

    M 28 11 Built by @robtweed
  6. Titanium Native iOS Module for Firebase

    M 20 12 Built by @theVinchi
  7. OSEHRA VistA M Components

    M 17 24 Built by @josephsnyder @BetsyMcPhail @bradking @osehr-agent @cjh1
  8. Web server and application framework implemented using the M language.

    M 13 5 Built by @lparenteau @shabiel
  9. water and steam properties and derivatives for MATLAB

    M 12 3 Built by @mikofski
  10. According to me every software development company should start implementing DevOps. It is awesome.

    M 11 15 Built by @ramyrams
  11. A GT.M and Caché compatible HTTP server

    M 11 10 Built by @shabiel @whatisthehumanspirit @ChristopherEdwards @osehr-agent
  12. Matlab FingerPrint Recognition

    M 11 14 Built by @Matlab-Biometric-recognition
  13. An implementation of the second-order Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attack, suited for evaluations of AES-128 algorithm on microcontrollers leaking Hamming Weight power models.

    M 10 2 Built by @ermin-sakic
  14. Source KIDS to integrate KIDS distribution with traditional revision control systems.

    M 8 6 Built by @bradking @ChristopherEdwards @luisibanez
  15. The Munsell and Kubelka-Munk Toolbox

    M 8 4 Built by @KelSolaar
  16. A matlab simulator for a quadrotor

    M 7 5 Built by @ke-sun
  17. Clinical UI Portal

    M 7 4 Built by @borochris
  18. a easy solution for baby sitting program!!! (MATLAB)

    M 6 2 Built by @layumi
  19. Code source du calcul de l'impôt sur les revenus

    M 6 5 Built by @ljoubert @oncletom
  20. A demo of using multiple static table views in iOS 6.

    M 6 7 Built by @DuncanMC
  21. A GT.M and Caché compatible HTTP server

    M 6 10 Built by @shabiel @ChristopherEdwards @osehr-agent
  22. Machine Learning Project for classifying Weather into ThunderStorm (0001) , Rainy(0010) , Foggy (0100) , Sunny(1000) and also predict weather features for next one year after training on 20 years data on a neural network This is my first Machine Learning Project. Steps To run the project: Extract the files into a single directory ( say "MyWeathe…

    M 6 2 Built by @m-a-y-a-n-k @guptanikhil007
  23. iOS Project demoing C-based Engineering Notation Formatter

    M 6 3 Built by @dhoerl
  24. Shared scripts and code from the Sediment Experimentalist Network.

    M 5 3 Built by @hsu000001 @litwinmiller @sedimentexp @chrismattmann
  25. NimbusKit/markdown试验,是对于IOS环境下markdown语法的解析

    M 5 5 Built by @atbj505
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