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  1. correll / Introduction-to-Autonomous-Robots

    Introduction to Autonomous Robots

    Mathematica • Built by @curobotlab @correll @beardicus @as1ndu @apnorton

  2. spinlockirqsave / books

    some books

    Mathematica • Built by @spinlockirqsave @invalid-email-address

  3. nasa / NASA-3D-Resources

    Here you'll find a growing collection of 3D models, textures, and images from inside NASA.

    Mathematica • Built by @arc-webservices @jasonduley

  4. WebGLSamples /

    WebGL Samples and Examples

    Mathematica • Built by @greggman @quisquous @alokp-chromium @joshtrask @benvanik

  5. antononcube / MathematicaForPrediction

    Mathematica implementations of machine learning algorithms used for prediction and personalization.

    Mathematica • Built by @antononcube

  6. greenfrvr / rubber-loader

    Android indeterminate loader widget with rubber shape and color transitions.

    Mathematica • Built by @greenfrvr @gitter-badger

  7. rickyzhang82 / tethering

    Proxy and DNS Server on iOS

    Mathematica • Built by @rickyzhang82

  8. zicher3d-org / domemaster-stereo-shader

    Repository for the domemaster stereo shader (all versions)

    Mathematica • Built by @AndrewHazelden @zicher3d

  9. algal / TouchVisualizer

    Overlay and gesture recognizers for seeing and using 3D Touch force properties

    Mathematica • Built by @algal

  10. cyrillef / FBX-glTF

    FBX glTF importer/exporter plug-in and converter.

    Mathematica • Built by @cyrillef @vijayaprakash

  11. fabric-engine / RiggingToolbox

    Useful services for rigging using Fabric Engine

    Mathematica • Built by @BigRoy @pzion @phtaylor @andrewmacp @daniele-niero

  12. haggi / OpenMaya

    Maya to renderer connections

    Mathematica • Built by @haggi

  13. windsteiger / Theorema

    Theorema: A System for Automated Reasoning (Theorem Proving) and Automated Theory Exploration based on Mathematica

    Mathematica • Built by @windsteiger @javasparx

  14. emptymalei / WhyMathematica

    :computer: Mathematica 简易教程/一个乱七八糟的放 notebook 的地方

    Mathematica • Built by @emptymalei

  15. szhorvat / MaTeX

    LaTeX labels in Mathematica

    Mathematica • Built by @szhorvat

  16. adamtuliper / ZombiePumpkinSlayer

    Open sourced Zombie Pumpkin Slayer - Unity game learning tutorial

    Mathematica • Built by @adamtuliper

  17. NathanKell / RealSolarSystem

    Changes KSP's solar system to make it like the real one.

    Mathematica • Built by @NathanKell @eggrobin @Starwaster @Felger @jwvanderbeck

  18. nriley / launch

    A command-line launcher for OS X in the spirit of open(1).

    Mathematica • Built by @nriley

  19. MarkAYoder / BeagleBoard-exercises

    This ia collection of files used for my embedded Linux class. Run ./ to install the the packages needed for the class. --Mark 19-July-2012

    Mathematica • Built by @MarkAYoder

  20. halirutan / Mathematica-Source-Highlighting

    Highlighting of Mathematica code for Mathematica.stackexchange

    Mathematica • Built by @halirutan @balpha @szhorvat @tms

  21. klavinslab / gro

    The gro bacterial micro-colony growth specification and simulation software. For more information see the gro website, listed below.

    Mathematica • Built by @klavins @zamanlh @nbolten

  22. FeynCalc / feyncalc

    Mathematica package for algebraic calculations in elementary particle physics.

    Mathematica • Built by @vsht @deltafunction @rolfmertig

  23. n1ckfg / ITP_OpenSourceAnimation

    ITP Open Source Animation course materials, fall 2014

    Mathematica • Built by @n1ckfg

  24. Hexlet / QF101

    QF101 course

    Mathematica • Built by @nesteruk @freetonik @kzheleznov

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