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  1. A community driven collection of IDA FLIRT signature files

    Max 305 45 Built by @Maktm @michaelkiros 11 stars this month
  2. A machine learning library for Max and Pure Data

    Max 161 25 Built by @jamiebullock @batchku 6 stars this month
  3. OSC: Arduino and Teensy implementation of OSC encoding

    Max 302 82 Built by @adrianfreed @tambien @bltzr @anwarhahjjeffersongeorge @marcobrianza
  4. BEAP Modular. Berklee Electro Acoustic Pedagogy

    Max 215 48 Built by @stretta @petermcculloch @sonoptik @benbrackenc74 @robmaxtech
  5. lscan is a library identification tool on statically linked/stripped binaries

    Max 137 28 Built by @maroueneboubakri
  6. Interactive Music Course Notes and Materials

    Max 121 32 Built by @tambien @sighrobot @polyrhythmatic @avseoul @joaogonks
  7. Official ArduinoBoy Repository for serial MIDI communication to the Nintendo Gameboy.

    Max 103 15 Built by @trash80 @peterswimm
  8. Max Platform for Ambisonic 3D panning with Live

    Max 90 14 Built by @ramagottfried @roddylindsay @mcslee @willits @gmolabs
  9. Example code for Wekinator inputs and outputs, in a variety of programming environments

    Max 89 42 Built by @fiebrink1 @firmread @genekogan @Nagasaki45
  10. MaxToolBox is a plugin for Max/MSP that will help you patch faster

    Max 85 7 Built by @natcl @invalid-email-address
  11. A toolbox for convolution, deconvolution and other impulse response related tasks.

    Max 60 8 Built by @AlexHarker
  12. Patches, files and instructions to upgrade the HT-TM02 to OpenWRT

    Max 60 20 Built by @wingspinner @ejaramilla
  13. 4-track audio looper working on Raspberry PI, made with ChucK and Node.js.

    Max 59 6 Built by @szymonkaliski
  14. CNMAT's expanding library of Max/MSP/Jitter patches

    Max 58 10 Built by @rafaelvalle @adrianfreed @maccallum @mzed @equilet
  15. โš ๏ธ [deprecated] High Order Ambisonics library with Max, Pure Data, FAUST, Csound and VST implementations.

    Max 57 17 Built by @pierreguillot @eliottparis @jcolafrancesco @JoaoSvidzinski @manu88
  16. Software connection between Cycling '74's Max, Arduino compatible hardware, and Ableton Live, through Firmata

    Max 55 8 Built by @batchku @digitalcoleman
  17. Multi-paradigm Dynamic Programming

    Max 52 4 Built by @adrianfreed @maccallum @ramagottfried @ilzxc @LVangelis
  18. connecting Internet API's to Max/MSP

    Max 50 21 Built by @tkzic
  19. Max 48 40 Built by @FedFod
  20. The karma~ external (for Max) is a dynamically lengthed varispeed record/playback looper object with complex functionality.

    Max 47 6 Built by @steadykammer @rconstanzo
  21. Max external object for the Leap Motion Controller

    Max 45 11 Built by @akamatsu
  22. ๐Ÿ”‰ HoaLibrary for Max

    Max 45 5 Built by @eliottparis @pierreguillot
  23. Syphon implementation For Jitter

    Max 38 8 Built by @bangnoise @vade @codeanticode @astellato
  24. A utility to download Packages from within Max

    Max 38 9 Built by @natcl @delucis @imi @pierreguillot @cassiel
  25. AnoTag โ€“ Akiba-kei VJ Software

    Max 38 2 Built by @mirrorboy714
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