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  1. stretta / BEAP

    BEAP Modular. Berklee Electro Acoustic Pedagogy

    Max • Built by @stretta @petermcculloch @sonoptik @robmaxtech @tildebyte

  2. CNMAT / OSC

    OSC: Arduino and Teensy implementation of OSC encoding

    Max • Built by @adrianfreed @equilet @tambien @ivankravets @wizhippo

  3. cmuartfab / ml-lib

    A machine learning library for Max and Pure Data

    Max • Built by @jamiebullock @batchku

  4. natcl / maxtoolbox

    MaxToolBox is a plugin for Max/MSP that will help you patch faster

    Max • Built by @natcl @invalid-email-address

  5. CICM / HoaLibrary

    :warning: [deprecated] High Order Ambisonics library with Max, Pure Data, FAUST, Csound and VST implementations.

    Max • Built by @pierreguillot @eliottparis @jcolafrancesco @JoaoSvidzinski @manu88

  6. akamatsu / aka.leapmotion

    Max external object for the Leap Motion Controller

    Max • Built by @akamatsu

  7. natcl / max_package_downloader

    A utility to download Packages from within Max

    Max • Built by @natcl @delucis @imi @pierreguillot @equilet

  8. mirrorboy714 / AnoTag

    AnoTag – Akiba-kei VJ Software

    Max • Built by @mirrorboy714

  9. adamjmurray / jruby_for_max

    Ruby support for Max/MSP

    Max • Built by @adamjmurray

  10. CNMAT / CNMAT-MMJ-Depot

    CNMAT's expanding library of Max/MSP/Jitter patches

    Max • Built by @equilet @rafaelvalle @adrianfreed @maccallum @mzed

  11. HISSTools / HISSTools_Impulse_Response_Toolbox

    A toolbox for convolution, deconvolution and other impulse response related tasks.

    Max • Built by @AlexHarker

  12. tkzic / internet-sensors

    connecting Internet API's to Max/MSP

    Max • Built by @tkzic

  13. imi / IMI-Max-patches-for-Max6

    The IMI Max patches is a collection of Max patches made or used at the design for interaction and moving image course at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London).

    Max • Built by @imi

  14. emmanueljourdan / ejies

    ejies collection for Max

    Max • Built by @emmanueljourdan @natcl

  15. wingspinner / HooToo-Tripmate-HT-TM02-OpenWRT

    Patches, files and instructions to upgrade the HT-TM02 to OpenWRT

    Max • Built by @wingspinner @ejaramilla

  16. rec / swirly

    Tom Swirly's Javascript libraries for Max.

    Max • Built by @rec

  17. Syphon / Jitter

    Syphon implementation For Jitter

    Max • Built by @bangnoise @vade @codeanticode @astellato

  18. paperkettle / illucia_dtr

    illucia dtr is a physical patchbay instrument

    Max •

  19. cskonopka / arduivis

    a bi-directional communication paradigm for programming languages & microcontrollers

    Max • Built by @cskonopka @opkach

  20. adrian-gierakowski / ag.granular.suite

    modular toolkit for granular sound synthesis and processing in Max\MSP environment

    Max • Built by @adrian-gierakowski

  21. monome / monome_sum

    max for live & max 6.1 routing & patch management system for grids (+arcs?)

    Max • Built by @SorenAndreasen @tehn @trentgill

  22. rconstanzo / karma

    The karma~ external (for Max) is a dynamically lengthed varispeed record/playback looper object with complex functionality.

    Max • Built by @rconstanzo

  23. szymonkaliski / LoopPI

    4-track audio looper working on Raspberry PI, made with ChucK and Node.js.

    Max • Built by @szymonkaliski

  24. aumhaa / monomodular

    Ableton Live Python and Max Framework for various controllers

    Max • Built by @aumhaa @LividInstruments

  25. maxuino / maxuino

    Software connection between Cycling '74's Max, Arduino compatible hardware, and Ableton Live, through Firmata

    Max • Built by @batchku @digitalcoleman


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