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  1. mirah / dubious

    A Web Framework Written in Mirah for running on AppEngine

    Mirah • Built by @baroquebobcat @igrigorik @hakunin @arunk @technomancy

  2. technomancy / Garrett

    A playground for Android Mirah development

    Mirah • Built by @technomancy @headius @zapnap

  3. technomancy / ohai-android

    A hello world Android app written in Duby

    Mirah • Built by @technomancy

  4. zapnap / upordown

    Simple Android demo app developed using Mirah + Pindah

    Mirah • Built by @zapnap

  5. rubygeeks / mirah_book

    The Mirah Programming Language Book

    Mirah • Built by @railsfactory

  6. bastos / vuvuzela-mirah-android

    Just an example of a vuvuzela for Android made in Mirah/Duby.

    Mirah • Built by @bastos

  7. calavera / mirah.hpi

    Attempt to write a Hudson's plugin with Mirah

    Java • Built by @calavera

  8. mirah / mmeta

    A parser generator tool for Mirah.

    Mirah • Built by @ribrdb @baroquebobcat @onnlucky @headius @uujava

  9. abscondment / mirah-guide

    Demo Mirah application that displays information from nearby georeferenced WikiPedia articles.

    Mirah • Built by @abscondment

  10. rubygeeks / msl

    mirah standard library, syntactic sugar for using Java libraries in a mirah way

    Mirah • Built by @railsfactory

  11. baroquebobcat / shatner

    a Sinatra clone written in Mirah

    Mirah • Built by @baroquebobcat

  12. mirah / mirah_model

    A library written in Mirah for google appengine's datastore

    Mirah • Built by @baroquebobcat @technomancy @ribrdb

  13. anthonymoralez / hello-android-sudoku

    The Sudoku project from Hello, Android by Ed Burnette. Only it's in mirah/pindah.

    Mirah • Built by @anthonymoralez

  14. wats / skel-mirah-android

    Just an example of a vuvuzela for Android made in Mirah/Duby.

    Mirah • Built by @jugeminc @bastos

  15. wccrawford / TV-Director

    TV Director is a small project written in Mirah for navigating video files on disk and launching them. It is not intended to play the files directly, but rather to let your favorite application play them. It will use any XBMC metadata located with the file if it exists.

    Mirah • Built by @wccrawford

  16. ess / mirahpaint

    Android SDK TouchPaint example translated to Mirah

    Mirah • Built by @ess

  17. shepheb / androiddominion

    Dominion for Android

    Mirah • Built by @shepheb

  18. txus / bayes-android

    A Bayes network simulator for Android

    Mirah • Built by @txus

  19. abscondment / BePresent

    Be Present Android App

    Mirah • Built by @abscondment

  20. anthonymoralez / hello-android-suggest

    From Hello, Android by Ed Burnette Ch7 section 4. Web services. --in mirah

    Mirah • Built by @anthonymoralez

  21. hammerdr / kid

    Mirah • Built by @hammerdr

  22. larroy / Hello-Mirah--Android

    Trying to get 3D working in Mirah based on a Java tutorial for Android

    Mirah • Built by @wccrawford @larroy

  23. simplyianm / mirah-hello

    Testing of the Mirah programming language for Bukkit.

    Mirah • Built by @simplyianm

  24. drteeth / yaktivity

    A sample Android app written in Ruby/Mirah

    Mirah •

  25. stmichaelis / DubiousHomepage

    Simple website for a personal homepage powered by Mirah and Dubious

    Mirah • Built by @stmichaelis

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