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  1. devolonter / flixel-monkey

    This is a port of flixel to the Monkey language

    Monkey • Built by @devolonter @wasiher @skn3

  2. adamredwoods / minib3d-monkey

    3d graphics engine + framework for monkey coders

    C# • Built by @adamredwoods

  3. michaelcontento / bono

    Simple 2d-framework and module collection for Monkey

    Java • Built by @michaelcontento @JochenHeizmann @tinnet

  4. skn3 / monkeyspine

    Monkey • Built by @skn3 @ziggybcn @k1ltr0

  5. damnbrain / sat-monkey

    Port of SAT.js to Monkey

    Monkey • Built by @damnbrain

  6. skn3 / xml

    Monkey XML module

    Monkey • Built by @skn3

  7. gingerbeardman / monkey.tmbundle

    TextMate bundle for the monkey programming language

    Monkey • Built by @gingerbeardman

  8. nobuyukinyuu / SimpleUI

    a basic, portable UI library for Monkey.

    Monkey • Built by @nobuyukinyuu

  9. nobuyukinyuu / monkey-utf8

    a module for adding UTF-8 support to Monkey

    Monkey • Built by @nobuyukinyuu

  10. AlexBaklanov / Seahorse

    working title

    Monkey • Built by @AlexBaklanov

  11. nobuyukinyuu / nDrawExts2

    Extending Mojo's functionality with gles11.

    Monkey • Built by @nobuyukinyuu

  12. devolonter / flixel-monkey-bananas

    Bananas for flixel for monkey

    Monkey • Built by @devolonter

  13. skn3 / chartboost

    Monkey Chartboost Module

    Monkey • Built by @skn3

  14. JochenHeizmann / ld28

    My contribution to ludum dare #28

    Monkey • Built by @JochenHeizmann

  15. playttle / monkey-webp

    WebP loader for Monkey

    Monkey • Built by @programmerby

  16. nobuyukinyuu / argyne

    Superemitter particle system for Monkey

    Monkey • Built by @nobuyukinyuu

  17. nobuyukinyuu / angelfont-tryouts

    bugfixes and optimizations for the Monkey pack-in AngelFont variable-width font module

    Monkey • Built by @nobuyukinyuu

  18. CopperCircle / Monkey-SVG

    Basic SVG parser/renderer for Monkey X

    Monkey • Built by @CopperCircle

  19. earok / Analytics.Monkey

    General purpose HTML5/Android/iOS Analytics module for Monkey

    Monkey • Built by @earok

  20. devolonter / monkey-photonstorm

    Flixel Power Tools

    Monkey • Built by @KaaPex @devolonter

  21. llugato / miniSQL

    Simple SQL layer for all Monkey targets

    Monkey • Built by @llugato

  22. Gianmichele / pxl

    Pxl Engine

    Monkey • Built by @Gianmichele

  23. frameland / vsat

    Monkey-X game framework

    Monkey •

  24. skn3 / aes


    JavaScript • Built by @skn3

  25. skn3 / arraysorter

    Monkey Array Sorter Module

    Monkey • Built by @skn3 @nobuyukinyuu


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