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  1. Public Nitra repository

    Nemerle 507 41 Built by @someone-with-default-username @VladD2 @rampelstinskin @vasily-kirichenko @ionoy
  2. Nemerle language. Main repository.

    Nemerle 415 80 Built by @VladD2 @someone-with-default-username @NN--- @divanorama @deeprocks99
  3. Chinese Manual Page

    Nemerle 236 73 Built by @lidaobing @biergaizi @Saigut @felixonmars
  4. Nitra is a language workbench

    Nemerle 79 8 Built by @someone-with-default-username @VladD2 @rampelstinskin @vasily-kirichenko @ionoy
  5. A library for modifying .NET assemblies.

    Nemerle 39 6 Built by @philiplaureano @VladD2 @NN---
  6. <Closed> HaXe Unity3d target

    Nemerle 35 5 Built by @AxGord
  7. Nemerle 13 8 Built by @rampelstinskin @VladD2 @someone-with-default-username @xxVisorxx
  8. A Library and tool for creating texture atlases

    Nemerle 13 1 Built by @aaulia
  9. Assets management for Haxe/NME. Very similar to nme.Assets but don't embed assets in the SWF (for smaller files)

    Nemerle 11 12 Built by @JbIPS @nerik @kevglx @krechagames
  10. Ported to Haxe 3

    Nemerle 10 2 Built by @as3boyan @QW0101
  11. Port of robotlegs StateMachine

    Nemerle 8 2 Built by @Vj3k0
  12. Simple utility to convert AS3 source code to Haxe.

    Nemerle 7 12 Built by @bigtimebuddy @as3boyan
  13. Nemerle on rails

    Nemerle 7 3 Built by @Ziaw @invalid-email-address @xtrevius
  14. Micro language powered by Nitra

    Nemerle 6 1 Built by @vasily-kirichenko @VladD2 @n1l
  15. My shared tools of open source

    Nemerle 6 5 Built by @laomoi
  16. Articles about Nemerle

    Nemerle 6 3 Built by @VladD2 @kupaev
  17. Parser and interpreter for Haxe expressions

    Nemerle 5 32 Built by @ncannasse @TomBebbington @Simn @zjnue
  18. The Fireball Programming Language

    Nemerle 5 Built by @antagonist112358
  19. [haxelib] Utilities for building haxe JS projects

    Nemerle 4 Built by @jgranick
  20. Nemerle 4 8 Built by @rampelstinskin @VladD2 @xxVisorxx
  21. Haxe example game : Mario

    Nemerle 3 Built by @jroudin
  22. An experimental LLVM bitcode to Haxe compiler

    Nemerle 3 Built by @TomBebbington
  23. Convert AS3 code to Haxe. Updated to work on Haxe 3.

    Nemerle 3 Built by @bendmorris
  24. A basic bloom filter in Haxe

    Nemerle 3 Built by @thomjoy
  25. Nemerle 3 1 Built by @pekabon @Stitchous @mermures
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