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  1. Main development repository for TinyOS (an OS for embedded, wireless devices).

    nesC 774 413 Built by @cire831 @andrasbiro @thp-comnets @markushx @bradjc
  2. A small arduino CNC controller

    nesC 176 122 Built by @dherrendoerfer
  3. A series of IPython notebooks on Python for data analysis geared towards environmental sciences

    nesC 55 18 Built by @nicolasfauchereau
  4. A. Grave's RNNLIB made more readable

    nesC 38 7 Built by @jpuigcerver
  5. GUI for grbl. Licenced under GPLv3.

    nesC 36 15 Built by @cody82
  6. CNC and design files for DIY pick and place machines, auto and manual versions

    nesC 32 15 Built by @briandorey
  7. Nendo is a dialect of Lisp written in Ruby. It is designed to be a macro language of Ruby.

    nesC 32 1 Built by @kiyoka
  8. TinyOS (less academic, more industrial, rD, less filling), still a floor wax

    nesC 24 38 Built by @cire831 @andrasbiro @thp-comnets @markushx @bradjc
  9. Schematics, Gerbers, Bill of materials

    nesC 23 4 Built by @Fliptron @OSHChip-Owner
  10. COI R2 services based on pyon. Parts of this project were integrated into

    nesC 23 49 Built by @lukecampbell @MauriceManning @swarbhanu @carueda @ifreecarve
  11. Design files for the Goliath Quadcopter

    nesC 17 2 Built by @petermccloud
  12. A standalone OSD for the MinimOSD Hardware

    nesC 15 5 Built by @flyandi
  13. The Sienci Mill One is an open source machine made by Sienci Labs that turns your ideas into reality by carving 3D objects from materials like wood, metal, plastic, foam, and PCB boards.

    nesC 15 4 Built by @SienciLabs
  14. LCD Module for XStepper

    nesC 13 6 Built by @xpix
  15. Mini CNC DIY

    nesC 11 3 Built by @Xav83130
  16. Gcode interpreter and demultiplexer, and a Go library for controlling the Staübli robotic arm at the London Hackspace.

    nesC 9 5 Built by @saljam @coolvision @mentarus
  17. Visualization Knowledge Project

    nesC 8 14 Built by @nicholasdelrio @olemma @jraguirre2013 @clansing
  18. Schematics, Gerbers, Bill of materials

    nesC 8 5 Built by @Fliptron @OSHChip-Owner
  19. Shimmer TinyOS applications

    nesC 8 10 Built by @mikehealy @nomahony
  20. TinyG fork for Universal Gcode Sender -- Java based GRBL compatible cross-platform G-Code sender.

    nesC 8 332 Built by @winder @johnlauer @MarcoHess @lazyzero @johannes85
  21. Main development repository for TinyOS (an OS for embedded, wireless devices).

    nesC 7 413 Built by @cire831 @azeey @kadway @mkonstapel @andrasbiro
  22. nesC 6 7 Built by @alexbeltran @Nombies @ajberchek
  23. XBee clone using TI CC430F5137 microcontroller

    nesC 6 4 Built by @andresv
  24. Solvers for the shallow water equations.

    nesC 6 9 Built by @rettenbs @breuera @baderml @hoelzlw
  25. nesC 5 2 Built by @nothinglabs
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