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  1. tinyos / tinyos-main

    Main development repository for TinyOS (an OS for embedded, wireless devices).

    nesC • Built by @andrasbiro @cire831 @thp-comnets @markushx @bradjc

  2. winder / Universal-G-Code-Sender

    A Java based GRBL compatible cross-platform G-Code sender.

    nesC • Built by @winder @nitram509 @michmerr @MarcoHess @michaelnu

  3. CauldronDevelopmentLLC / OpenSCAM

    Open-Source Simulation & Computer Aided Machining - A 3-axis CNC GCode simulator

    nesC • Built by @jcoffland

  4. nicolasfauchereau / NIWA_Python_seminars

    A series of IPython notebooks on Python for data analysis geared towards environmental sciences

    nesC • Built by @nicolasfauchereau

  5. kiyoka / nendo

    Nendo is a dialect of Lisp written in Ruby. It is designed to be a macro language of Ruby.

    nesC • Built by @kiyoka

  6. robertodealmeida / pydap

    A Python library implementing the Data Access Protocol (DAP, aka OPeNDAP or DODS).

    nesC • Built by @robertodealmeida @tomkralidis

  7. cody82 / grblgui

    GUI for grbl. Licenced under GPLv3.

    nesC • Built by @cody82

  8. tp-freeforall / prod

    TinyOS (less academic, more industrial orientation, rD, less filling)

    nesC • Built by @cire831 @andrasbiro @thp-comnets @markushx @bradjc

  9. ooici / coi-services

    COI R2 services based on pyon. Parts of this project were integrated into

    nesC • Built by @lukecampbell @MauriceManning @swarbhanu @mmeisinger @carueda

  10. jpuigcerver / rnnlib

    A. Grave's RNNLIB made more readable

    nesC • Built by @jpuigcerver

  11. gxa / gxa

    Gene Expression Atlas

    nesC • Built by @rpetry @olgamelnichuk @nsklyar @alf239 @pashky

  12. phaustin / A405

    A405 course code

    nesC • Built by @phaustin @cpatrizio88 @sasaxuan @CCheng1231 @amak127

  13. briandorey / DIY-Pick-and-Place-Hardware

    CNC and design files for DIY pick and place machines, auto and manual versions

    nesC • Built by @briandorey

  14. nicholasdelrio / visko

    Visualization Knowledge Project

    nesC • Built by @nicholasdelrio @olemma @jraguirre2013 @clansing

  15. LHSRobotics / gdmux

    Gcode interpreter and demultiplexer, and a Go library for controlling the Staübli robotic arm at the London Hackspace.

    nesC • Built by @saljam @coolvision

  16. mccloudaero / goliath-quadcopter

    Design files for the Goliath Quadcopter

    nesC • Built by @mccloudaero

  17. ShimmerResearch / tinyos-shimmer

    Shimmer TinyOS applications

    nesC • Built by @mikehealy @nomahony

  18. mikemag / MonkeyCAM

    CAD/CAM software for ski and snowboard design and G-code program generation.

    nesC • Built by @mikemag

  19. andresv / ccbee

    XBee clone using TI CC430F5137 microcontroller

    nesC • Built by @andresv

  20. xpix / XLCD

    LCD Module for XStepper

    nesC • Built by @xpix

  21. TUM-I5 / swe_solvers

    Solvers for the shallow water equations.

    nesC • Built by @rettenbs @breuera @baderml @hoelzlw

  22. adamcandy / QGIS-Meshing

    QGIS plugins for meshing geophysical domains

    nesC • Built by @adamcandy

  23. ivanseidel / Primo

    Primo version using Stepper Motors and custom Software

    nesC • Built by @ivanseidel

  24. johnlauer / Universal-G-Code-Sender

    TinyG fork for Universal Gcode Sender -- Java based GRBL compatible cross-platform G-Code sender.

    nesC • Built by @winder @johnlauer @MarcoHess @lazyzero @johannes85

  25. VPAC / rsa

    Storage and processing for geospatial raster data

    nesC • Built by @z0u @rsacli @lachlanhurst @forjin-vpac-innovations


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