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  1. Araq / Nim

    Nim (formerly known as "Nimrod") is a compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language which has an excellent productivity/performance ratio. Nim's design focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, elegance (in the order of priority).

    Nimrod • 249 stars this month • Built by @Araq @dom96 @zah @gradha @def-

  2. dom96 / jester

    A sinatra-like web framework for Nim.

    Nimrod • 36 stars this month • Built by @dom96 @runvnc @Kentoseth @Araq @nanoant

  3. nim-lang / nimble

    Package manager for the Nim programming language.

    Nimrod • 20 stars this month • Built by @dom96 @gradha @lou15b @fowlmouth @JCavallo

  4. nim-lang / packages

    List of packages for Nimble

    Nimrod • 5 stars this month • Built by @dom96 @fowlmouth @gradha @achesak @flaviut

  5. dom96 / nimkernel

    A small kernel written in Nim

    Nimrod • Built by @dom96 @def-

  6. nim-lang / Aporia

    IDE/Advanced text editor mainly focusing on support for the Nim programming language.

    Nimrod • Built by @dom96 @PhilipWitte @Araq @jovial @trustable-code

  7. def- / nimes

    NimES: NES Emulator in Nim

    Nimrod • Built by @def- @dloss

  8. ckkashyap / nim-xv6

    Translate xv6 to nim

    Nimrod • Built by @ckkashyap @def-

  9. rspeer / wiki2text

    Extract a plain text corpus from MediaWiki XML dumps, such as Wikipedia.

    Nimrod •

  10. idlewan / nawak

    A web micro-framework in Nimrod, heavily inspired by jester, flask and the like.

    Nimrod • Built by @idlewan

  11. fowlmouth / nimlibs

    Miscellaneous libs/wrappers for Nimrod

    Nimrod • Built by @fowlmouth @dirkk0 @EXetoC @onionhammer

  12. fowlmouth / nake

    Describe your Nim builds as tasks

    Nimrod • Built by @gradha @MrJohz @fowlmouth

  13. micklat / NimBorg

    To assimilate foreign languages into nimrod's ecosystem

    Nimrod • Built by @micklat @chrisheller

  14. def- / nim-unsorted

    Unsorted Nim code that I wrote for some reason (largely Rosetta Code)

    Nimrod • Built by @def-

  15. dom96 / ipsumgenera

    Static blog generator written in Nimrod

    Nimrod • Built by @dom96 @gradha

  16. nim-lang / sdl2

    Nim wrapper for SDL 2.x

    Nimrod • Built by @fowlmouth @def- @AllNamesRTaken @G4MR @yglukhov

  17. nim-lang / c2nim

    c2nim is a tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim. The output is human-readable Nim code that is meant to be tweaked by hand before and after the translation process.

    Nimrod • Built by @Araq @gmpreussner @fowlmouth @flaviut @dom96

  18. flyx / emerald

    HTML5 templating engine for Nimrod

    Nimrod • Built by @jovial

  19. docopt / docopt.nim

    Command line arguments parser that will make you smile (port of docopt to Nim)

    Nimrod • Built by @BlaXpirit @reactormonk @def-

  20. fenekku / commandeer

    Take command of your command line in Nim

    Nimrod • Built by @fenekku

  21. nim-lang / nimforum


    Nimrod • Built by @dom96 @gradha @Araq @Leu-Gim @oderwat

  22. BlaXpirit / nim-csfml

    Nim bindings to Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (through CSFML)

    Nimrod • Built by @BlaXpirit @def-

  23. Vladar4 / nimgame

    Simple 2D game engine for Nimrod language.

    Nimrod • Built by @Vladar4

  24. dom96 / nael

    Stack-based language similar to Factor.

    Nimrod • Built by @dom96 @Amrykid

  25. nim-lang / opengl

    Nimrod • Built by @EXetoC @fowlmouth @dom96 @trustable-code @yglukhov


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