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  1. Nix Packages collection

    Nix 1,747 2,102 Built by @peti @edolstra @7c6f434c @vcunat @domenkozar
  2. Provision Docker images using Nix

    Nix 256 23 Built by @zefhemel @alanz @benley @BYK @offby1
  3. Nix 253 62 Built by @ryantrinkle @ali-abrar @hamishmack @Ericson2314 @danharaj
  4. Nix and Haskell in production

    Nix 186 10 Built by @Gabriel439 @domenkozar @hlian @alogic0 @VyacheslavHashov
  5. A Haskell re-implementation of the Nix expression language

    Nix 136 26 Built by @jwiegley @bennofs @adnelson @expipiplus1 @lethalman
  6. Abandonware

    Nix 96 8 Built by @proger @fmap @4z3 @phunehehe @shlevy
  7. nix modules for darwin

    Nix 90 10 Built by @LnL7 @cmacrae @clhodapp @peel @bkase
  8. ghc-android build using nix

    Nix 65 11 Built by @wavewave
  9. illustration of how I use Nix

    Nix 58 5 Built by @shajra @yurrriq
  10. My NixOS configuration and custom Nix derivations.

    Nix 58 12 Built by @puffnfresh
  11. Bundle Nix derivations to run anywhere!

    Nix 57 4 Built by @matthewbauer @rbvermaa
  12. A collection of NixOS modules covering hardware quirks.

    Nix 55 21 Built by @ehmry @Ericson2314 @DamienCassou @Mic92 @akavel

    Nix 54 7 Built by @proger @phunehehe @4z3 @fmap @ip1981
  14. My local Nix configuration

    Nix 53 17 Built by @jwiegley
  15. Nix 52 3 Built by @chaoflow
  16. Instructions and scripts related to getting NixOS running on a newer generation MBP

    Nix 50 5 Built by @mbbx6spp
  17. Nixpkgs/NixOS branches that track the Nixpkgs/NixOS channels

    Nix 48 31 Built by @peti @edolstra @7c6f434c @vcunat @domenkozar
  18. A cookbook of snippets that show you how you can accomplish common tasks using the Nix expression language

    Nix 43 4 Built by @mbbx6spp
  19. An operating system generator, based on NixOS, that, given a config, outputs a small (47 MB), read-only squashfs for a runit-based operating system, with support for iPXE and signed boot.

    Nix 42 4 Built by @cleverca22
  20. Real-time audio in NixOS

    Nix 42 8 Built by @henrytill @magnetophon @tg-x @thomas-morgan @cillianderoiste
  21. Nix(OS) expressions used by the OpenLab and its members

    Nix 41 6 Built by @aszlig @devhell @Profpatsch @sternenseemann @layus
  22. My NixOS configuration files

    Nix 40 5 Built by @bjornfor
  23. Sample configuration files for setting up your own Hydra continuous integration server.

    Nix 39 5 Built by @peti @domenkozar
  24. Generate nix expressions to build npm packages

    Nix 39 8 Built by @svanderburg @abbradar @cko @siddharthist @rbvermaa
  25. Nix development utils that will blow up your mind

    Nix 34 5 Built by @offlinehacker @zefhemel @lethalman @wmertens
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