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  1. NixOS / nixpkgs

    Nix Packages collection

    Nix • Built by @peti @edolstra @7c6f434c @civodul @urkud

  2. zefhemel / nix-docker

    Provision Docker images using Nix

    Nix • Built by @zefhemel @benley @alanz @BYK @offby1

  3. zalora / upcast

    nix-based linux deployment platform tools ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

    Nix • Built by @proger @4z3 @shlevy @soenkehahn

  4. jwiegley / hnix

    Nix • Built by @bennofs @jwiegley @lethalman @bergey @shlevy

  5. zimbatm / nixbox

    NixOS boxes for Vagrant

    Nix • Built by @zimbatm @dysinger @alanpearce @Mic92

  6. chaoflow / nixos-configurations

    Nix • Built by @chaoflow

  7. puffnfresh / nix-files

    My NixOS configuration and custom Nix derivations.

    Nix • Built by @puffnfresh

  8. jwiegley / nix-config

    My local Nix configuration

    Nix • Built by @jwiegley

  9. Fuuzetsu / nix-project-defaults

    I like to work inside nix-shell and I'd like to git track my .nix files for projects but I don't want to push my .nix files upstream. Here's a collection of the .nix files that I can just symlink to from projects.

    Nix • Built by @Fuuzetsu

  10. haskell-infra / auron

    Theoretical Next Gen™ automation for (DO NOT USE)

    Nix • Built by @thoughtpolice @relrod

  11. kiberpipa / nix-rehash

    Nix development utils that will blow up your mind

    Nix • Built by @offlinehacker @zefhemel @lethalman @wmertens

  12. headcounter / deployment

    NixOps deployment

    Nix • Built by @aszlig

  13. oxdi / nixos

    Packer build scripts for NixOS base images

    Nix • Built by @zimbatm @chrisfarms @dysinger

  14. bodil / nixcfg

    My NixOS configuration files

    Nix • Built by @bodil

  15. idris-hackers / idrispkgs

    Nix expressions for Idris packaging.

    Nix • Built by @puffnfresh

  16. daviwil / nix-config

    NixOS configurations for multiple computers

    Nix • Built by @daviwil

  17. aaronlevin / nixos-cookbook

    Cookbook for working with Nix

    Nix • Built by @aaronlevin @nbp

  18. bluescreen303 / bluenix

    Nix • Built by @bluescreen303

  19. zalora / defnix

    zalora nix expressions library

    Nix • Built by @shlevy @soenkehahn @ip1981 @4z3

  20. openlab-aux / vuizvui

    Nix(OS) expressions used by the OpenLab and its members

    Nix • Built by @aszlig

  21. coreyoconnor / nix_configs

    The NixOS configuration for my desktop.

    Nix • Built by @coreyoconnor

  22. NixOS / nixos-org-configurations

    NixOS configurations for and its servers

    Nix • Built by @edolstra @rbvermaa @domenkozar @matejc @garbas

  23. ajhager / airnix

    Install NixOS on a Macbook Air

    Nix • Built by @ajhager

  24. musnix / musnix

    A module for real-time audio in NixOS

    Nix • Built by @henrytill @magnetophon @cillianderoiste @thomas-morgan

  25. edwtjo / nixcfgs

    NixOS configurations

    Nix • Built by @edwtjo


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