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  1. Examples from the new 3rd edition of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, ported to Nu

    Nu 59 4 Built by @jsyedidia @paulp
  2. The web site for the Nu programming language

    Nu 35 7 Built by @timburks
  3. A pure-Nu wiki based on Nunja, Git, and NuMarkdown

  4. Core Bluetooth for the Control Freak

    Nu 16 3 Built by @timburks
  5. Markdown processing with Nu. Use with any Nu or Objective-C project. Created by Grayson Hansard.

  6. A example of using OpenGL in Nu

    Nu 9 1 Built by @itfrombit
  7. A modular pipeline for constructing Pathway/Genome Databases from environmental sequence information

    Nu 8 8 Built by @nielshanson @hallamlab @kishori82
  8. A simple Nu/Objective-C interface to PostgreSQL databases.

    Nu 7 3 Built by @itfrombit
  9. Generates ObjC header files to classes and categories defined in Nu.

  10. My vicoapp file

    Nu 6 1 Built by @pthrasher
  11. A GUI for doxyclean

    Nu 6 2 Built by @Grayson
  12. Nu on Markup, an s-expression to HTML transformer for Nu.

  13. A popular sample Cocoa application rewritten in Nu. Original code by Aaron Hillegass, ported to Nu by Tim Burks.

  14. Nu utility functions

    Nu 6 1 Built by @itfrombit
  15. A Nu interface to the Git revision control system.

    Nu 5 2 Built by @maccheck
  16. A simple Nu application that downloads pages from Google Books.

    Nu 5 1 Built by @Grayson
  17. SmartyPants ported to Nu.

  18. "The Nu Pill", my C4[2] IronCoder project. Hack Acorn. Push Nu code onto your iPhone. Scary fun.

  19. Apple Data Detector-like implementation written in Nu.

    Nu 5 3 Built by @Grayson
  20. Try to fill in some missing functionality in vico until it's officially implemented. See README for more.

    Nu 5 1 Built by @Shadowfiend
  21. Provides a way to interact with external processes within vico.

    Nu 5 1 Built by @Shadowfiend
  22. supramap, upgraded to Rails 3. Also, kml coloring goodness.

  23. NuUUID is a simple wrapper around the uuid library to simplify its use with Nu.

    Nu 4
  24. Examples from the book "Let Over Lambda" ported to Nu

    Nu 4 1 Built by @itfrombit
  25. An implementation of John Gruber's Title Case in Nu.

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