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  1. facebook / pop

    An extensible iOS and OS X animation library, useful for physics-based interactions.

    Objective-C++ • 12 stars today • Built by @kimon @grp @b3ll @jcbertin @rivera-ernesto

  2. rogual / neovim-dot-app

    Mac OS X GUI for Neovim

    Objective-C++ • 11 stars today • Built by @rogual @bulkan @jocelynmallon @bfulkers @alaroldai

  3. facebook / componentkit

    A React-inspired view framework for iOS.

    Objective-C++ • 5 stars today • Built by @adamjernst @dstnbrkr @benlodotcom @natansh @ocrickard

  4. johnno1962 / Xtrace

    Trace Objective-C method calls by class or instance

    Objective-C++ • Built by @johnno1962 @jeroenleenarts @mikehaney24

  5. pivotal / cedar

    BDD-style testing using Objective-C

    Objective-C++ • Built by @jeffh @idoru @akitchen @cppforlife @pivotal-brian-croom

  6. mousebird / WhirlyGlobe

    WhirlyGlobe Development

    Objective-C++ • Built by @mousebird @JesseCrocker @johankool @halset @alasarr

  7. deanm / plask

    Plask is a multimedia programming environment.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @deanm @notlion @pizthewiz @vorg

  8. fjolnir / Tranquil

    A language built on top of the Objective-C runtime, and ABI compatible with Objective-C.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @fjolnir @SeanTAllen

  9. jerols / PopTut

    A simple app demonstrating basic usage of the Pop animation framework.

    Objective-C++ •

  10. otaviocc / OCBorghettiView

    An easy to use accordion view for iOS

    Objective-C++ • Built by @otaviocc

  11. droolsjbpm / optaplanner

    Java planning engine: OptaPlanner optimizes business resource scheduling and planning.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @ge0ffrey @mdproctor @etirelli @krisv @triceo

  12. jxd001 / POPdemo

    A simple demo for facebook's pop framework.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @jxd001

  13. couchdeveloper / RXPromise

    An Objective-C Class which implements the Promises/A+ specification.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @couchdeveloper @lukemelia @robertmryan

  14. petegoodliffe / PGMidi

    PGMidi iOS MIDI library and example code

    Objective-C++ • Built by @michaeltyson @petegoodliffe @rhoiberg @tkemp @colinmcardell

  15. giladno / UICoreTextView

    Easy to use UIView which supports rendering using CoreText

    Objective-C++ • Built by @giladno @tothgy

  16. otaviocc / NHCalendarActivity

    A custom UIActivity that adds events and alarms to the Calendar.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @otaviocc @wzs

  17. iolate / SimulateTouch

    Simulate touch library for iOS

    Objective-C++ • Built by @iolate

  18. foundry / OpenCVSwiftStitch

    Version 2.0 of OpenCVStitch. How to stitch images using OpenCV on iOS. This version demonstrates using Swift, Objective-C and C++ together in one project.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @foundry @Zi0P4tch0 @rinatkhanov

  19. opensource-apple / objc4

    Objective-C++ •

  20. openpeer / opios

    Open Peer Client SDK for iOS and reference sample application

    Objective-C++ • Built by @SergioOpenPeer @robin-raymond @morosev @lazicb @elagerway

  21. pivotal / PivotalCoreKit

    Shared library and test code for Objective-C projects

    Objective-C++ • Built by @akitchen @wileykestner @pivotalworkstation @joemasilotti @alexbasson

  22. jhaynie / titanium_box2d

    Titanium Box2D module for iOS

    Objective-C++ • Built by @jhaynie @arnaudsj

  23. Smartype / iOS_VPNPlugIn

    VPN PlugIn API for iOS

    Objective-C++ • Built by @Smartype

  24. swift2js / swift2js

    Swift/JavaScript Transpiler

    Objective-C++ • Built by @MortimerGoro @karliky @soyjavi

  25. freerunnering / SwipeSelection

    An improvement to iOS's text editing that allows you to move the cursor and select text using gestures on the keyboard itself.

    Objective-C++ • Built by @freerunnering @yfrancis


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