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  1. facebook / flow

    Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality.

    OCaml • 225 stars this month • Built by @gabelevi @avikchaudhuri @dsereni @int3 @vjeux

  2. talex5 / cuekeeper

    OCaml • 51 stars this month • Built by @talex5

  3. mirage / irmin

    Irmin is a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git

    OCaml • 33 stars this month • Built by @samoht @avsm @niksu @vbmithr @ztlpn

  4. modlfo / vult

    Vult is a transcompiler well suited to write high-performance DSP code

    OCaml • 26 stars this month • Built by @modlfo @Callejn @johanrhodin

  5. mirage / jitsu

    A DNS server that automatically starts unikernels on demand

    OCaml • 23 stars this month • Built by @MagnusS @samoht @avsm

  6. coq / coq

    Coq is a formal proof management system. It provides a formal language to write mathematical definitions, executable algorithms and theorems together with an environment for semi-interactive development of machine-checked proofs.

    OCaml • 22 stars this month • Built by @herbelin @letouzey @mattam82 @ppedrot @aspiwack

  7. ocaml / ocaml

    Read-only mirror of INRIA SVN

    OCaml • 20 stars this month • Built by @xavierleroy @alainfrisch @reseau-loops @danmey @rathereasy

  8. ocamllabs / ocaml-multicore

    OCaml • 16 stars this month • Built by @xavierleroy @alainfrisch @reseau-loops @stedolan @danmey

  9. BinaryAnalysisPlatform / bap

    BAP Core Library

    OCaml • 10 stars this month • Built by @ivg @tiffanyb @rvantonder @maverickwoo @percontation

  10. mirage / mirage-platform

    Core platform libraries for Mirage (UNIX and Xen). This provides the `OS` library which handles timers, device setup and the main loop, as well as the runtime for the Xen unikernel.

    OCaml • 10 stars this month • Built by @avsm @djs55 @vbmithr @samoht @talex5

  11. ocsigen / js_of_ocaml

    Compiler from OCaml to Javascript.

    OCaml • 7 stars this month • Built by @hhugo @vouillon @hnrgrgr @chambart @Drup

  12. ocaml / opam

    OPAM is a source-based package manager for OCaml. It supports multiple simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and a Git-friendly development workflow.

    OCaml • 5 stars this month • Built by @samoht @AltGr @tuong @avsm @rdicosmo

  13. ocaml /

    Implementation of the website.

    OCaml • 6 stars this month • Built by @Chris00 @agarwal @amirmc @pw374 @dsheets

  14. eatonphil / owebl

    OCaml, Meet Web.

    OCaml • 7 stars this month • Built by @eatonphil @pe-vsn @rizo

  15. mirleft / ocaml-tls

    TLS in pure OCaml

    OCaml • 5 stars this month • Built by @hannesm @pqwy @talex5 @avsm @agarwal

  16. ocaml / opam-repository

    Main public package repository for OPAM, the source package manager of OCaml.

    OCaml • Built by @avsm @samoht @yallop @camlspotter @whitequark

  17. ocsigen / lwt

    A cooperative threads library for OCaml.

    OCaml • Built by @diml @glondu @chambart @vbmithr @whitequark

  18. plum-umd / redexer

    The redexer binary instrumentation framework for Dalvik

    OCaml • Built by @jsjeon @kmicinski @eldr4d @TaeHunKim @moshekaplan

  19. mirage / mirage-tcpip

    TCP/IP networking stack in pure OCaml, using the Mirage platform libraries. Includes Ethernet, DHCP, ARP and TCP/IPv4 support.

    OCaml • Built by @avsm @nojb @samoht @vbmithr @yomimono

  20. mirleft / ocaml-nocrypto

    Simplest possible crypto to support TLS

    OCaml • Built by @pqwy @hannesm @talex5 @Chris00

  21. BYVoid / Batsh

    A language that compiles to Bash and Windows Batch

    OCaml • Built by @BYVoid @Therzok @mirez @Nixola

  22. facebook / pfff

    Tools for code analysis, visualizations, or style-preserving source transformation.

    OCaml • Built by @aryx @phooji @pikatchu @jl3931 @avikchaudhuri

  23. MLstate / opalang

    The Opa Language for Web Application Development

    OCaml • Built by @BourgerieQuentin @Aqua-Ye @nrs135 @arthuraa @OpaOnWindowsNow

  24. astrada / google-drive-ocamlfuse

    FUSE filesystem over Google Drive

    OCaml • Built by @astrada @vava

  25. tomprimozic / type-systems

    Implementations of various type systems in OCaml.

    OCaml • Built by @tomprimozic @hamaxx


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