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  1. Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality.

    OCaml 17,450 1,465 Built by @mroch @gabelevi @samwgoldman @avikchaudhuri @int3 350 stars this month
  2. Pack JS code fast & easy

    OCaml 1,209 25 Built by @zindel @andreypopp @TrySound @gilbert @exced 260 stars this month
  3. Simple, fast & type safe code that leverages the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems

    OCaml 6,186 334 Built by @chenglou @jordwalke @yunxing @IwanKaramazow @let-def 166 stars this month
  4. Performant type-checking for python.

    OCaml 1,934 50 Built by @dkgi @sinancepel @rvantonder @dark @shannonzhu 153 stars this month
  5. Auto generation of type-safe bindings between Reason and Flow.

    OCaml 133 5 Built by @cristianoc @ryyppy @sync @xtian @Haroenv 133 stars this month
  6. A static analyzer for Java, C, C++, and Objective-C

    OCaml 8,766 1,185 Built by @sblackshear @jvillard @jeremydubreil @dulmarod @akotulski 113 stars this month
  7. - Interactive ReasonML sketchbook

    OCaml 101 6 Built by @thangngoc89 @matthiaskern @no-stack-dub-sack @alireza-a 101 stars this month
  8. Reason bindings for ReactJS

    OCaml 1,637 175 Built by @chenglou @rickyvetter @SanderSpies @cristianoc @cullophid 90 stars this month
  9. Coq is a formal proof management system. It provides a formal language to write mathematical definitions, executable algorithms and theorems together with an environment for semi-interactive development of machine-checked proofs.

    OCaml 1,404 265 Built by @herbelin @ppedrot @letouzey @maximedenes @mattam82 79 stars this month
  10. FUSE filesystem over Google Drive

    OCaml 2,235 162 Built by @astrada @rgrinberg @nilbot @idvoretskyi @iblech 77 stars this month
  11. Prototyping the UI of 2030

    OCaml 72 2 Built by @chenglou 72 stars this month
  12. A backend for the OCaml compiler which emits JavaScript.

    OCaml 3,843 267 Built by @bobzhang @evmar @nico @chenglou @glennsl 59 stars this month
  13. A language server for reason, in reason

    OCaml 145 18 Built by @jaredly @thangngoc89 @chenglou @gaelduplessix @jchavarri 44 stars this month
  14. The core OCaml system: compilers, runtime system, base libraries

    OCaml 1,932 477 Built by @xavierleroy @damiendoligez @alainfrisch @gasche @pierreweis 42 stars this month
  15. Scilla - A Smart Contract Intermediate Level Language

    OCaml 38 2 Built by @ilyasergey @vaivaswatha @AmritKumar @edisonljh @Gnnng 38 stars this month
  16. The Felix Programming Language

    OCaml 427 27 Built by @skaller @mmaul @gbluma @erickt @shayne-fletcher 37 stars this month
  17. A composable build system for OCaml

    OCaml 429 90 Built by @diml @rgrinberg @emillon @dra27 @Chris00 28 stars this month
  18. Reason binding for Apollo Client and React Apollo

    OCaml 329 46 Built by @Gregoirevda @idkjs @drejohnson @excitement-engineer @grsabreu 23 stars this month
  19. package.json workflow for native development with Reason/OCaml

    OCaml 220 14 Built by @andreypopp @rauanmayemir @bryphe @ulrikstrid @jordwalke 24 stars this month
  20. A statically-typed, functional typesetting system

    OCaml 497 32 Built by @gfngfn @qnighy @objmagic @matsud224 @nekketsuuu 23 stars this month
  21. Verification system for effectful programs

    OCaml 1,282 108 Built by @nikswamy @mtzguido @aseemr @catalin-hritcu @msprotz 22 stars this month
  22. BuckleScript bindings for React Native

    OCaml 353 74 Built by @wokalski @saschatimme @mobily @arnarthor @gunnigylfa 20 stars this month
  23. GraphQL servers in OCaml

    OCaml 327 30 Built by @andreas @rgrinberg @rrosenzweig @anmonteiro @brendanlong 19 stars this month
  24. Binary Analysis Platform

    OCaml 704 138 Built by @ivg @gitoleg @jaybosamiya @rvantonder @percontation 19 stars this month
  25. Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim and Emacs

    OCaml 909 125 Built by @let-def @trefis @asmanur @art-w @rgrinberg 17 stars this month
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