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  1. ooc-lang / rock

    :ocean: self-hosted ooc compiler that generates c99

    ooc • Built by @nddrylliog @shamanas @fredreichbier @fasterthanlime @duckinator

  2. tsion / oos

    ooc operating system

    ooc • Built by @tsion @duckinator @danopia

  3. fasterthanlime / oc

    :warning: An experimental, next-generation, coroutine-based, modular compiler for a subset of ooc. (deprecated)

    ooc • Built by @nddrylliog @ycros @duckinator @wandernauta

  4. fasterthanlime / isaac-paper

    :black_joker: A fan remake of The Binding of Isaac - with a paper look

    ooc • Built by @nddrylliog @einat @Ohmyne @nvecellio @fasterthanlime

  5. ooc-lang / nagaqueen

    :ledger: leg grammar for ooc

    ooc • Built by @shamanas @nddrylliog @fredreichbier @fasterthanlime @joshthecoder

  6. fasterthanlime / ooc-gtk

    GTK2 bindings for ooc

    ooc • Built by @eagle2com @nddrylliog @danopia @fredreichbier

  7. joshthecoder / mustang

    A template engine for the ooc programming language. Inspired by Mustache and CTemplates.

    ooc • Built by @joshthecoder

  8. fasterthanlime / inception-engine

    flexible game engine in ooc, with an ingame console to adjust everything in realtime

    ooc • Built by @eagle2com

  9. fasterthanlime / yajit

    A small JIT-compiler written in ooc, for ooc (providing closures and partials)

    ooc • Built by @showstopper @fredreichbier

  10. ooc / llamacore

    ooc development kit - collections, text manipulation, math, crypto, os - all nice and portable

    ooc • Built by @joshthecoder @fredreichbier @tsion @showstopper

  11. joshthecoder / ooc-web

    A web application and server specification for ooc

    ooc • Built by @joshthecoder

  12. ooc-lang / sam

    :package: sam keeps your ooc repos up-to-date

    ooc • Built by @nddrylliog @fasterthanlime @romac @einat @geckojsc

  13. danopia / ooc-cairo

    Libcairo bindings for ooc

    ooc • Built by @danopia

  14. fredreichbier / ooc-yajl

    yajl binding for ooc

    ooc • Built by @fredreichbier @danopia

  15. OneSadCookie / ooc-glew

    GLEW (OpenGL) bindings for the ooc programming language

    ooc • Built by @eagle2com

  16. fasterthanlime / fallacious

    Torrent client daemon + user-friendly web application to facilitate content search, download and streaming

    ooc •

  17. fredreichbier / ooc-lua

    lua binding for ooc

    ooc • Built by @fredreichbier @nddrylliog @nilium

  18. fasterthanlime / decadence

    And thus, all llamaistas went their own ways, creating their own languages, leaving the mothership which they loved and lived for.

    ooc • Built by @showstopper

  19. fasterthanlime / scissors

    Running ooc with scissors

    ooc • Built by @nddrylliog

  20. eagle2com / Stirling3d

    Graphical and Physical engine written in ooc 0.3

    ooc • Built by @eagle2com

  21. fredreichbier / optparse

    command line option parsing for ooc

    ooc • Built by @fredreichbier

  22. fasterthanlime / ooc-zeromq

    ØMQ bindings for ooc

    ooc • Built by @nddrylliog

  23. tsion / ooc-llvm

    ooc bindings to the Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)

    ooc • Built by @tsion

  24. fredreichbier / reincarnate

    package management for ooc

    ooc • Built by @fredreichbier @danopia

  25. fasterthanlime / bootcamp

    ooc compatibility kit - test suite and tools to verify the compliance of an ooc implementation

    ooc • Built by @joshthecoder @fredreichbier @tsion @showstopper @wandernauta


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