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  1. Algorithmic trading with deep learning experiments

    OpenEdge ABL 690 351 Built by @Rachnog
  2. Political Speech Generator

    OpenEdge ABL 338 62 Built by @valentin012 @stuartpb
  3. User Simulation for Task-Completion Dialogues

    OpenEdge ABL 320 116 Built by @yvchen @xjli @shangyusu
  4. A machine learning approach to classify songs by mood.

    OpenEdge ABL 273 69 Built by @rasbt
  5. OpenEdge ABL 254 119 Built by @nicholaslocascio @harinisuresh @yala @wengong-jin @akabraham
  6. Android L Developer Preview for Nexus 4

    OpenEdge ABL 180 47 Built by @Sykopompos @benpye @ion-storm @zyr3x @percy-g2
  7. EASE (Enhanced AI Scoring Engine) is a library that allows for machine learning based classification of textual content. This is useful for tasks such as scoring student essays.

    OpenEdge ABL 139 73 Built by @VikParuchuri @wedaly @singingwolfboy @jtauber @cpennington
  8. Free, cross-platform library for generating 2D animations with Python programming code.

    OpenEdge ABL 137 26 Built by @tom-de-smedt @fdb @jsundram @QuLogic @Galland
  9. Deep learning API with emotion recognition application

    OpenEdge ABL 130 70 Built by @mihaelacr @Warvito
  10. Sentiment Classification using Word Sense Disambiguation

    OpenEdge ABL 126 36 Built by @kevincobain2000 @MrLokans @JediRhymeTrix
  11. OpenEdge ABL 123 33 Built by @siddharth-agrawal
  12. Siamese Recurrent Neural network with LSTM for evaluating semantic similarity between sentences.

    OpenEdge ABL 119 48 Built by @aditya1503
  13. JavaScript tools to build Blind Watchmaker style apps using Richard Dawkins' algorithms

    OpenEdge ABL 115 4 Built by @MathieuLoutre
  14. Python for Bioinformatics

    OpenEdge ABL 115 63 Built by @tiagoantao @knbknb @dalloliogm
  15. Tensorflow Implementation of Knowledge-Guided CVAE for dialog generation. It is released by Tiancheng Zhao (Tony) from Dialog Research Center, LTI, CMU

    OpenEdge ABL 93 32 Built by @snakeztc @lemontyd214
  16. Japanese Natural Langauge Processing Libraries

    OpenEdge ABL 92 26 Built by @kevincobain2000 @cemulate
  17. Sample implementation of a politeness model, trained on the Stanford Politeness Corpus

    OpenEdge ABL 82 19 Built by @sudhof @cristiandnm
  18. Sarcasm detector

    OpenEdge ABL 64 32 Built by @MathieuCliche
  19. OpenEdge ABL 54 15 Built by @mr-press
  20. Matlab reimplementation of SCNSR

    OpenEdge ABL 51 41 Built by @huangzehao
  21. Photoshop 1.0 Source Code

    OpenEdge ABL 51 51 Built by @mqudsi
  22. Build automation for OpenEdge ABL

    OpenEdge ABL 48 30 Built by @jakejustus @gquerret @axelebnerpcsat @cverbiest @spazzymoto
  23. Custom defined resources of OsmAnd project

    OpenEdge ABL 48 209 Built by @xmd5a2 @vshcherb @sonora @alexey-pelykh @dmpr0
  24. Implementation of search-convolutional neural networks (SCNNs)

    OpenEdge ABL 46 8 Built by @jcatw
  25. Aspect-based opinion mining on Yelp reviews

    OpenEdge ABL 44 33 Built by @Fossj117
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