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  1. cpritcha / niqlow

    design, solve and estimate discrete dynamic programs.

    Ox • Built by @ferrall @cpritcha

  2. ferrall / agg

    Ox • Built by @ferrall

  3. hnm1987 / Indirect-InferenceARMAest

    Ox code for estimating an ARMA(p,q) model using Indirect inference

    Ox • Built by @hnm1987

  4. elgauchito / Replication

    Ox • Built by @chowqed @elgauchito @ferrall

  5. bbruemmer / sfamb

    Stochastic Frontier Analysis using Ox

    Ox • Built by @jholtka @bbruemmer

  6. bbruemmer / prod_tools

    additional tools for production analysis in Ox (not yet in SFAMB)

    Ox • Built by @bbruemmer

  7. jholtka / CKMV

    For model of Colombi et al (2014)

    Ox • Built by @jholtka

  8. ferrall / Replication

    Ox • Built by @chowqed @elgauchito @ferrall


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