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  1. Free Pascal Compiler - an open source Object Pascal compiler. This is an unofficial mirror of the FPC SubVersion repository and is for convenience use only. It is synced every 15 minutes. For submitting patches or bug reports, go to

    Pascal 200 79 Built by @jmaebe @FPK @PierreMuller @chainq @dmantione
  2. P2P cryptocurrency without need of historical operations

    Pascal 94 44 Built by @PascalCoin @willowrose @HermanSchoenfeld
  3. Burst Wallet with Plotter and Miner for Windows

    Pascal 25 13 Built by @dawallet
  4. MARS-Curiosity Delphi REST Library

    Pascal 70 19 Built by @andrea-magni @Davide675 @MFERLINI @ortuagustin
  5. Cheat Engine. A development environment focused on modding

    Pascal 1,077 272 Built by @cheat-engine @mgrinzPlayer @rzndsa @juntalis @JeffreyO
  6. JEDI Visual Component Library

    Pascal 259 159 Built by @ahausladen @obones @jfudickar @uschuster @joshkel
  7. RDP Wrapper Library

    Pascal 2,107 310 Built by @binarymaster @FusixGit @WisdomWolf @galeksandrp @fig2k4
  8. Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability.

    Pascal 869 273 Built by @martijnlaan @jordanrussell @jogo- @KngStr @Hirotaro
  9. Decentralized anonymous instant messenger on top of Tor Hidden Services

    Pascal 687 230 Built by @prof7bit @feulf
  10. A firmware Flash tool for nodemcu

    Pascal 635 292 Built by @vowstar @nodemcu
  11. Pascal 461 139 Built by @rarnu @baijian @renkangke @Joosun @warmlight
  12. LibreCrypt: Transparent on-the-fly disk encryption for Windows. LUKS compatible.

    Pascal 453 46 Built by @t-d-k @onlineth @linux-modder @a-raccoon
  13. GUI for KCPTun windows client

    Pascal 424 77 Built by @dfdragon
  14. A curated list of awesome Delphi frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things. Inspired by awesome-... stuff.

    Pascal 320 71 Built by @Fr0sT-Brutal @landrix @Kromster80 @leogregianin @pierrejean-coudert
  15. Custom color highlighting for Object Pascal IDE's

    Pascal 262 26 Built by @RRUZ
  16. JEDI Code Library

    Pascal 254 157 Built by @ahausladen @obones @jameshowe @cycocrew @uschuster
  17. Synopse mORMot ORM/SOA/MVC framework

    Pascal 222 128 Built by @synopse @pavelmash @maciej-izak @ProHolz @ASiwon
  18. A GUI front end for the MySQL and MariaDB database servers.

    Pascal 217 90 Built by @NilsHoyer @Awesomez @stillman @virusav
  19. Forked from

    Pascal 210 43 Built by @riderkick @kavin-90 @grzesjam @GhostWriterTNCS @imKota
  20. Pascal 207 117 Built by @hgourvest
  21. Transmission Remote GUI is a feature rich cross platform front-end to remotely control a Transmission Bit-Torrent client daemon via its RPC protocol. Transmission Remote GUI is faster and has more functionality than the built-in Transmission web interface.

    Pascal 202 21 Built by @leonsoft-kras @PeterDaveHello @antekgla @rzcat @k0ste
  22. DMVCFramework (for short) is a popular and powerful framework for web solution in Delphi

    Pascal 188 71 Built by @danieleteti @ezequieljuliano @spinettaro @NickHodges @airtonjs
  23. An open-source, pentest and developer-oriented web browser, using the power of Lua

    Pascal 187 26 Built by @felipedaragon
  24. A Delphi REST client API to consume REST services written in any programming language.

    Pascal 186 94 Built by @fabriciocolombo @thomaserlang @RobertoSchneiders @fernand-o @fabioxgn
  25. Total Commander plugin for service

    Pascal 174 25 Built by @pozitronik @alexx2000
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