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  1. A PvP SA:MP server script built upon the SIF framework, the aim of the game is to find supplies to help you survive, either alone or in a group. The overall objective is to build a stable community and defend it from hostile players.

    PAWN 60 50 Built by @Southclaws @kadaradam @viruxe @SkullFire @Eidorian
  2. Just the YSI include files, none of the extra stuff.

    PAWN 55 30 Built by @Y-Less @Misiur @samphunter @RIDE-2DAY @maddinat0r
  3. Includes and plugins to fix various issues in the SA:MP server that can be fixed externally, leaving the devs time for other things.

    PAWN 38 18 Built by @Y-Less @ziggi @simonepri @rt-2 @NexiusTailer
  4. PAWN 32 26 Built by @Crayder @Pottus @TommyB123 @JustMe77
  5. Leak off used temporary workspaces for ctf and wargames!

    PAWN 29 5 Built by @stypr
  6. A SA:MP UI library for rendering progress bars used to visualise all manner of data from health to a countdown timer.

    PAWN 27 19 Built by @Southclaws @MichaelBelgium @PT-Player
  7. The Las Venturas Playground gamemode

    PAWN 23 13 Built by @RussellLVP @xhoogland @mblokker @dgrp @HopperLVP
  8. PAWN 19 34 Built by @Agneese-Saini @Sparke00 @NexiusTailer
  9. SIF is a collection of high-level include scripts to make the development of interactive features easy for the developer while maintaining quality front-end gameplay for players.

    PAWN 19 10 Built by @Southclaws @Eidorian @gitter-badger @inlife
  10. Игровой режим для San Andreas Multiplayer

    PAWN 17 12 Built by @MacMailler @NexiusTailer @FanHamMer
  11. PAWN 15 7 Built by @hunterk @hizzlekizzle @thatman84
  12. Flexible server protection system (development)

    PAWN 15 4 Built by @ziggi @NexiusTailer @medzvel
  13. SA-MP Include used to handle 2D and 3D physics of (~sphere) objects.

    PAWN 15 10 Built by @uPeppe
  14. Pre-processor macros for analysing PAWN functions.

    PAWN 14 Built by @Y-Less
  15. SS Gang System for SA-MP

    PAWN 14 5 Built by @Sreyas-Sreelal @AmirSavand @AndySedeyn
  16. Allow 0.3.DL-R1 connections to SA-MP 0.3.7 servers

    PAWN 13 3 Built by @AGraber @Jelly23 @RIDE-2DAY @Southclaws
  17. A library is a collection of high-quality scripts for vehicles in SA:MP. It adds new functions and systems to work with any vehicles in the game. Besides, they are all optimized.

    PAWN 13 4 Built by @VVWVV @ziggi @ronixtey @KashCherry
  18. foreach standalone include (non y_iterate version)

    PAWN 12 17 Built by @karimcambridge @ziggi @gitter-badger
  19. A fast surface reconstruction method from Hermite points

    PAWN 11 3 Built by @GCVGroup
  20. 🏃 SA:MP Pokemon GO

    PAWN 11 1 Built by @u4bi
  21. SAMP Dialog Center Text

    PAWN 10 1 Built by @Ino-Bagaric @Dayvison
  22. My long running San Andreas Multiplayer project, I aim to fill this gamemode script with as much as possible to accommodate for all player's tastes!

    PAWN 10 16 Built by @Southclaws @Jessyy
  23. PAWN 10 2 Built by @Jelly23
  24. Unfinished "copy" of NFSW in SA-MP

    PAWN 9 14 Built by @SDraw
  25. With this library you can finely tune weapon damage based on distance. Using min/max range values, a weapon's damage varies depending on the distance between the shooter and the target.

    PAWN 8 Built by @Southclaws
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