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  1. Includes and plugins to fix various issues in the SA:MP server that can be fixed externally, leaving the devs time for other things.

    PAWN 27 17 Built by @Y-Less @ziggi @simonepri @IstuntmanI @rt-2 5 stars this month
  2. A PvP SA:MP server script built upon the SIF framework, the aim of the game is to find supplies to help you survive, either alone or in a group. The overall objective is to build a stable community and defend it from hostile players.

    PAWN 54 49 Built by @Southclaws @kadaradam @viruxe @SkullFire @Eidorian
  3. Leak off used temporary workspaces for ctf and wargames!

    PAWN 24 3 Built by @stypr
  4. PAWN 24 20 Built by @Crayder @Pottus @TommyB123 @JustMe77
  5. RPG gamemode for SA-MP

    PAWN 22 15 Built by @ziggi @Demidzzio @5LICK @CKA3KuH @gitter-badger
  6. The Las Venturas Playground gamemode

    PAWN 20 12 Built by @RussellLVP @xhoogland @mblokker @samp-server @dgrp
  7. SIF is a collection of high-level include scripts to make the development of interactive features easy for the developer while maintaining quality front-end gameplay for players.

    PAWN 19 9 Built by @Southclaws @Eidorian @gitter-badger @Inlife
  8. Игровой режим для San Andreas Multiplayer

    PAWN 15 13 Built by @MacMailler @NexiusTailer @FanHamMer
  9. SA-MP Include used to handle 2D and 3D physics of (~sphere) objects.

    PAWN 13 10 Built by @uPeppe
  10. My long running San Andreas Multiplayer project, I aim to fill this gamemode script with as much as possible to accommodate for all player's tastes!

    PAWN 12 17 Built by @Southclaws @Jessyy
  11. A fast surface reconstruction method from Hermite points

    PAWN 11 3 Built by @GCVGroup
  12. A library is a collection of high-quality scripts for vehicles in SA:MP. It adds new functions and systems to work with any vehicles in the game. Besides, they are all optimized.

    PAWN 10 4 Built by @VVWVV @ziggi @ronixtey
  13. Pre-processor macros for analysing PAWN functions.

    PAWN 10 Built by @Y-Less
  14. 🏃 SA:MP Pokemon GO

    PAWN 9 1 Built by @u4bi
  15. Unfinished "copy" of NFSW in SA-MP

    PAWN 8 13 Built by @SDraw
  16. A SA-MP include that adds an artificial intelligence system to the NPCs.

    PAWN 8 2 Built by @WoutProvost
  17. Publiczna, starsza, wersja gamemodu FullServera - jednego z najlepszych i największych polskich serwerów SA:MP

    PAWN 8 11 Built by @lpiob @piatus
  18. The SA:MP YSI Server Includes and YSL Scripting Language

    PAWN 8 5 Built by @Y-Less @oscar-broman @Misiur @Jessyy @Zeex
  19. PAWN 8 1 Built by @hunterk @hizzlekizzle @thatman84
  20. SS Gang System for SA-MP

    PAWN 8 5 Built by @Sreyas-Sreelal @AmirSavand @AndySedeyn
  21. GTA San Andreas Multiplayer

    PAWN 7 6 Built by @Shiska @Crayder
  22. Map Editor Filterscript for SAMP

    PAWN 7 3 Built by @fusez
  23. The library exports several useful functions for working with strings that are not in PAWN. Almost all functions can work with packed strings. Also, it fixes some bugs in PAWN functions.

    PAWN 6 2 Built by @VVWVV @just-deimos @Untonyst @NexiusTailer
  24. A clone of the extremely useful YSI framework (4.0) by Y_Less.

    PAWN 6 4 Built by @Southclaws
  25. foreach standalone include (non y_iterate version)

    PAWN 6 12 Built by @karimcambridge @ziggi @gitter-badger @kvanningsen
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