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See what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.

  1. rakudo / rakudo

    Rakudo Perl -- Perl 6 on MoarVM and the JVM

    Perl6 • 21 stars this month • Built by @jnthn @lizmat @moritz @pmichaud @FROGGS

  2. tadzik / panda

    Perl 6 module installer

    Perl6 • 5 stars this month • Built by @tadzik @FROGGS @moritz @lizmat @niner

  3. masak / 007

    Small experimental language with a license to macro

    Perl6 • Built by @masak @sergot @andreoss @Mouq @zoffixznet

  4. anjuke / zguide-cn

    ZMQ 指南

    Perl6 • Built by @erning @liangshan @pensz @quant67 @docete

  5. perl6 / perl6-examples

    Many examples of Perl 6 code

    Perl6 • Built by @paultcochrane @stmuk @grondilu @andreoss @moritz

  6. zeromq / gitdown

    Turn github into your publishing platform

    Perl6 • Built by @hintjens @keent @grizz @gyepisam @claws

  7. perl6 / doc

    Perl 6 documentation (tools and docs)

    Perl6 • Built by @moritz @paultcochrane @Mouq @gfldex @zoffixznet

  8. perl6 / roast

    Perl 6 test suite

    Perl6 • Built by @moritz @lizmat @jnthn @coke @usev6

  9. perl6 / std

    Perl 6 standard grammar

    Perl6 • Built by @TimToady @iblech @sorear @diakopter @FROGGS

  10. jnthn / zavolaj

    Native call interface for Rakudo

    Perl6 • Built by @jnthn @arnsholt @moritz @FROGGS @mberends

  11. dnmfarrell / Perl6-One-Liners

    Look what you can do at the terminal! A collection of Perl6 one liners

    Perl6 • Built by @dnmfarrell @wollmers @Util @Mouq @eiro

  12. viklund / november

    A wiki engine written in Perl 6

    Perl6 • Built by @masak @ihrd @viklund @softmoth @stmuk

  13. ufobat / Bailador

    A light-weight route-based web application framework for Perl 6

    Perl6 • Built by @tadzik @szabgab @ufobat @moritz @carbin

  14. tokuhirom / SQL-Maker

    Perl6 • Built by @tokuhirom @nihen @zigorou @debug-ito @ggl

  15. masak / yapsi

    A Perl 6 compiler-and-runtime written in Perl 6

    Perl6 • Built by @masak @tadzik @snarkyboojum @andreoss @moritz

  16. edumentab / rakudo-and-nqp-internals-course

    A course on Rakudo and NQP internals, developed by Edument AB.

    Perl6 • Built by @jnthn @masak @dwarring @MattOates @moritz

  17. cjfields / bioperl6

    reimplementation of BioPerl classes in Perl6

    Perl6 • Built by @cjfields @Takadonet @coke @zoffixznet @jhannah

  18. moritz / json

    A tiny JSON parser and emitter for Perl 6 on Rakudo

    Perl6 • Built by @moritz @viklund @jnthn @flussence @colomon

  19. niner / Inline-Perl5

    Use Perl 5 code in a Perl 6 program

    Perl6 • Built by @niner @moritz @carbin @lizmat @hoelzro

  20. tokuhirom / p6-Crust

    PSGI library stack for Perl6

    Perl6 • Built by @tokuhirom @moznion @mattn @lestrrat @syohex

  21. perl6 / DBIish

    Database interface for Perl 6

    Perl6 • Built by @moritz @salortiz @abraxxa @Skarsnik @azawawi

  22. perl6-users-jp / perl6-examples


    Perl6 • Built by @tokuhirom @skaji @moznion

  23. masak / ufo

    Swoops down and creates your Perl 6 project Makefile for you

    Perl6 • Built by @masak @moritz @ingydotnet @tadzik @hoelzro

  24. davidpicard / jkernelmachines

    machine learning library in java for easy developpement of new kernels

    Perl6 • Built by @davidpicard

  25. cosimo / perl6-lwp-simple

    LWP::Simple quick & dirty implementation for Rakudo Perl 6

    Perl6 • Built by @cosimo @moritz @ronaldxs @FROGGS @stmuk

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