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  1. Convert CSS selectors to XPaths, in JavaScript

    PogoScript 21 4 Built by @joshski
  2. JavaScript DSL for building complex XPath expressions

    PogoScript 15 2 Built by @joshski
  3. a docker deployment utility, with special support for hot-swapping updates to websites

    PogoScript 9 1 Built by @refractalize @dereke
  4. node.js module to run windows and unix processes the same way

    PogoScript 6 3 Built by @joshski @yeputons
  5. JavaScript function rewriter, for little DSLs

    PogoScript 6 2 Built by @joshski @alexgorbatchev @InDieTasten @refractalize
  6. Directory hierarchy builder utility for node.js

    PogoScript 4 2 Built by @joshski @refractalize @dereke
  7. Google Chrome extension for upvoting github issues and pull requests.

    PogoScript 3 2 Built by @artemave
  8. Keep retrying until it works. Actually a very reliable testing strategy.

    PogoScript 2 1 Built by @refractalize
  9. PogoScript 2 1 Built by @refractalize
  10. Command-line wrapper for stitch

    PogoScript 2 1 Built by @joshski
  11. A dependency inversion utility for JavaScript

    PogoScript 2 1 Built by @joshski
  12. Example node/pogo web app with server-side rendering and client-side pushState

    PogoScript 2 1 Built by @joshski
  13. finally, a task runner for insect people

    PogoScript 2 2 Built by @refractalize @dereke
  14. Pogoscript template engine

    PogoScript 2 1 Built by @joshski
  15. PogoScript 1 37 Built by @artemave
  16. wait for a socket to open

    PogoScript 1 Built by @refractalize
  17. React.js components in PogoScript instead of JSX

    PogoScript 1 Built by @joshski
  18. Finds dates in strings

    PogoScript 1 Built by @joshski
  19. PogoScript 1 Built by @joshski @adiel
  20. A test runner that enhances your development experience

    PogoScript 1 Built by @dereke
  21. A programmable http proxy for node

    PogoScript 1 1 Built by @joshski
  22. A template for building cocos2d-js games in PogoScript

    PogoScript 1 Built by @joshski
  23. Experimental distributed job queue using node.js and websockets

    PogoScript 1 1 Built by @joshski
  24. A single BIG page showing users of Team City if they're an idiot or not.

    PogoScript 1 2 Built by @refractalize @adiel
  25. Minimal, fast javascript URL router

    PogoScript 1 1 Built by @joshski @refractalize
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