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  1. cmderdev / cmder

    Lovely console emulator package for Windows

    PowerShell • 7 stars today • Built by @MartiUK @bliker @Stanzilla @Jackbennett @vladimir-kotikov

  2. Microsoft / vsts-tasks

    Build and Release Tasks for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server

    PowerShell • Built by @anaggar @ericsciple @AshwiniChalla @bryanmacfarlane @niadak

  3. lukesampson / scoop

    A command-line installer for Windows.

    PowerShell • Built by @lukesampson @deevus @sakai135 @ntwb @monotykamary

  4. Microsoft / visualfsharpdocs

    Documentation for Visual F#

    PowerShell • Built by @dend @saldana @ReedCopsey @ploeh @orcabot

  5. ferventcoder / chocolatey-packages

    The packages...all about the packages.

    PowerShell • Built by @ferventcoder @choco-bot @TomOne @alanstevens @Iristyle

  6. aspnet / Home

    The Home repository is the starting point for people to learn about ASP.NET Core.

    PowerShell • Built by @glennc @graemechristie @Eilon @davidfowl @danroth27

  7. chocolatey / chocolatey

    [DEPRECATED -] Chocolatey NuGet - Like apt-get, but for windows.

    PowerShell • Built by @ferventcoder @mwrock @rismoney @jberezanski @AnthonyMastrean

  8. dahlbyk / posh-git

    A PowerShell environment for Git

    PowerShell • Built by @dahlbyk @theaquamarine @markembling @ferventcoder @JeremySkinner

  9. PowerShellMafia / PowerSploit

    PowerSploit - A PowerShell Post-Exploitation Framework

    PowerShell • Built by @mattifestation @clymb3r @obscuresec @HarmJ0y @webstersprodigy

  10. psake / psake

    A build automation tool... now with less XML...

    PowerShell • Built by @jmatos @JamesKovacs @damianh @gep13 @whut

  11. joefitzgerald / packer-windows

    Windows Packer Templates

    PowerShell • Built by @joefitzgerald @kensykora @StefanScherer @dylanmei @brettporter

  12. PowerShellEmpire / Empire

    Empire is a pure PowerShell post-exploitation agent.

    PowerShell • Built by @HarmJ0y @enigma0x3 @stufus @sixdub @rvrsh3ll

  13. pester / Pester

    Powershell BDD style testing framework

    PowerShell • Built by @dlwyatt @scottmuc @nohwnd @mwrock @juneb

  14. samratashok / nishang

    Nishang - PowerShell for penetration testing and offensive security.

    PowerShell • Built by @samratashok @redfast00 @addenial @BradlySharpe @invalid-email-address

  15. PowerShellEmpire / PowerTools

    PowerTools is a collection of PowerShell projects with a focus on offensive operations.

    PowerShell • Built by @HarmJ0y @sixdub @Meatballs1 @tomsteele @sagishahar

  16. psget / psget

    Set of commands to install PowerShell modules from local file or from the web. Inspired by NuGet

    PowerShell • Built by @chaliy @jstangroome @flofreud @MarkRobertJohnson @paulmarsy

  17. leddt / visualstudio-colors-solarized

    Visual Studio color schemes based on

    PowerShell • Built by @leddt @brantb @PProvost @pmrowla @bdukes

  18. NytroRST / NetRipper

    NetRipper - Smart traffic sniffing for penetration testers

    PowerShell • Built by @NytroRST @HarmJ0y

  19. NuGet / Home

    The landing page for NuGet's repositories

    PowerShell • Built by @maartenba @feiling @xavierdecoster @MeniZalzman @emgarten

  20. W4RH4WK / Debloat-Windows-10

    A collection of Scripts which disable / remove Windows 10 Features and Apps

    PowerShell • Built by @W4RH4WK @narutards @tumpio @aramboi @Plumebit

  21. mwrock / boxstarter

    Repeatable, reboot resilient windows environment installations made easy using Chocolatey packages

    PowerShell • Built by @mwrock @gep13 @cam1985 @dhilgarth @it-praktyk

  22. samratashok / Kautilya

    Kautilya - Tool for easy use of Human Interface Devices for offensive security and penetration testing.

    PowerShell • Built by @samratashok @espreto

  23. clymb3r / PowerShell

    Useful PowerShell scripts

    PowerShell • Built by @clymb3r @yazgoo @rmariboe @sixdub @gentilkiwi

  24. alanrenouf / vCheck-vSphere

    vCheck Daily Report for vSphere

    PowerShell • Built by @Sneddo @haripetrov @alanrenouf @smasterson @kdmhorn

  25. PowerShellOrg / DSC

    DSC Tools and Documentation

    PowerShell • Built by @smurawski @dlwyatt @ArtWDrahn @JasonMorgan @gpduck

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