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  1. Optiboot / optiboot

    Small and Fast Bootloader for Arduino and other Atmel AVR chips

    Processing • Built by @WestfW @Cathedrow @majekw @per1234 @neuhaus

  2. processing-js / processing-js

    A port of the Processing visualization language to JavaScript.

    Processing • Built by @jbuck @corbanbrook @Pomax @annasob @notmasteryet

  3. shiffman / The-Nature-of-Code-Examples

    Repository for example code from The Nature of Code book

    Processing • Built by @shiffman @owenroberts @hysysk @zlot @Carla-de-Beer

  4. hype / HYPE_Processing

    HYPE for Processing

    Processing • Built by @hype @tracerstar @brettjforsyth

  5. maniacbug / RF24

    Arduino driver for nRF24L01

    Processing • Built by @maniacbug @gcopeland

  6. atduskgreg / opencv-processing

    OpenCV for Processing. A creative coding computer vision library based on the official OpenCV Java API

    Processing • Built by @atduskgreg @jmwohl @P0ulp @mudphone @arturoc

  7. DiatomStudio / Piccolo

    Piccolo is a pocket-sized stand-alone CNC platform.

    Processing • Built by @DiatomStudio @gregsaul @interlock

  8. feltron / MMapper

    A processing sketch for rendering location and activity data from the Moves iPhone or Android app.

    Processing • Built by @feltron @yonoleo @enzet @rcarlsen

  9. generative-design / Code-Package-Processing-2.x

    Code package of the book Generative Design (for Processing 2.x)

    Processing • Built by @sinuit @b-g @birdm4n @julialaub

  10. adafruit / LPD8806

    Arduino library for LED strips and pixels using LPD8806 (and probably LPD8803/LPD8809)

    Processing • Built by @ladyada @PaintYourDragon @Incanus-uk @tdicola @driverblock

  11. shiffman / Box2D-for-Processing

    Processing JBox2D helper library and examples

    Processing • Built by @shiffman

  12. OpenBCI / OpenBCI-V2hardware-DEPRECATED

    This repository contains the core OpenBCI hardware and software frameworks.

    Processing • Built by @chipaudette @robchambers @conorrussomanno @Frijol @neurocademy

  13. AmnonOwed / CAN_GenerativeTypography

    26 code examples for my Generative Typography with Processing tutorial on

    Processing • Built by @AmnonOwed @hysysk

  14. heuermh / leap-motion-processing

    Leap Motion library for Processing

    Processing • Built by @heuermh @bitdeli-chef

  15. shiffman / Face-It

    A repository of Processing examples for ITP fall workshop about face detection, recognition, and miscellaneous tracking methods.

    Processing • Built by @shiffman

  16. shiffman / LearningProcessing

    A repo for examples from the book Learning Processing

    Processing • Built by @shiffman @scottgarner @ybakos

  17. runemadsen / printing-code

    Repository for the "Printing Code" taught at ITP, NYU

    Processing • Built by @runemadsen @psionn @Ryman

  18. blprnt / Kepler-Visualization

    Processing sketch for Visualizing Kepler mission data.

    Processing • Built by @blprnt @ryanneph @ravenwing @jsundram

  19. jeffThompson / PixelSorting

    A set of experiments in pixel sorting using Processing

    Processing • Built by @jeffThompson

  20. adafruit / TFTLCD-Library

    Arduino library for 8-bit TFT LCDs such as ILI9325, ILI9328, etc

    Processing • Built by @ladyada @PaintYourDragon @driverblock @tdicola

  21. sciguy14 / Arduino-Tutorial-Series

    These are the supporting materials for my popular series of Tutorials on the Arduino Microcontroller Platform.

    Processing • Built by @sciguy14

  22. atduskgreg / opencv-processing-book

    An introduction to computer vision with OpenCV for Processing.

    Processing • Built by @odewahn @atduskgreg

  23. kitschpatrol / BrainGrapher

    Processing-based visualizer for NeuroSky EEG brainwave data output from the Arduino Brain library.

    Processing • Built by @kitschpatrol

  24. AmnonOwed / P5_CanTut_GeometryTexturesShaders2B8

    A Processing 2.0b8 port of the P5_CanTut_GeometryTexturesShaders repo

    Processing • Built by @AmnonOwed

  25. ShikOfTheRa / scarab-osd

    MWOSD development repository

    Processing • Built by @ShikOfTheRa @Supersopp @truhlikfredy @LefebvreStephane @cmavr8


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