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  1. Test-driven system administration with a little extra logic.

    Prolog 348 23 Built by @larsyencken @myfreeweb @fhahn @kavu @pmoura
  2. SWI-Prolog for SHaring: a SWI-Prolog web IDE

    Prolog 190 45 Built by @JanWielemaker @triska @friguzzi @jrvosse @Anniepoo
  3. Strange Loop 2014 archives

    Prolog 186 58 Built by @puredanger @Anniepoo @David-Broderick @daira @sasbury
  4. Some simple examples for new Prolog programmers

    Prolog 159 48 Built by @Anniepoo @scoops @ian-andrich @JesseAldridge
  5. A new logic programming language.

    Prolog 142 5 Built by @mcsoto @mbertheau @shkesar
  6. An in-memory datalog implementation for OCaml.

    Prolog 137 5 Built by @c-cube
  7. LaTeX support for Adobe's Pro opentype fonts: Minion Pro, Myriad Pro, Cronos Pro and possibly more

    Prolog 135 26 Built by @sebschub @georgerbr @arthurl @srstevenson @epoyraz
  8. A PCB for attaching an iPad retina LCD to a DisplayPort source

    Prolog 127 43 Built by @Emeryth
  9. Prolog 98 1 Built by @bitlaw-jp
  10. Logtalk 3.x development version

    Prolog 94 12 Built by @pmoura @sergio-castro @eazar001 @jburse
  11. My public programs and models - mostly combinatorial problems and puzzles

    Prolog 92 25 Built by @hakank
  12. The Music Ontology Specification provides main concepts and properties fo describing music (i.e. artists, albums, tracks, but also performances, arrangements, etc.) on the Semantic Web.

    Prolog 70 18 Built by @moustaki @zazi @warpr
  13. My solutions to the exercises and practical sessions of the book 'Learn Prolog Now!' by Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, and Kristina Striegnitz.

    Prolog 68 26 Built by @dragonwasrobot @gshopov @drawers @laurmurclar @Michael-Zp
  14. Parser for Attempto Controlled English (ACE)

    Prolog 66 13 Built by @Kaljurand @tkuhn @sesuncedu @nefuchs
  15. OWL2 library for Prolog

    Prolog 64 9 Built by @cmungall @vangelisv
  16. These are the supporting materials for my series of tutorials on using the Eagle CAD software for PCB design.

    Prolog 57 77 Built by @sciguy14
  17. Translate XML Schema into equivalent JSON Schema

    Prolog 56 11 Built by @fnogatz @greenkeeperio-bot
  18. A collection of Prolog libraries.

    Prolog 53 9 Built by @wouterbeek
  19. Open source Time Machine #2

    Prolog 50 7 Built by @hairykiwi
  20. My personal repo for 7LI7W exercises

    Prolog 49 13 Built by @kikito @DoorKnob
  21. A Magic: the Gathering™ expert system

    Prolog 47 5 Built by @stassa
  22. Constraint Logic Programming over Finite Domains

    Prolog 45 1 Built by @triska
  23. A terse declarative logic programming language

    Prolog 44 2 Built by @JCumin @triska @quartata @JulienCumin
  24. Melzi Ardentissimo

    Prolog 38 37 Built by @reprappro @mosfet
  25. GNU-Make-like utility for managing builds and complex workflows

    Prolog 35 3 Built by @ihh @cmungall @pixelzoo
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